August 22 2014

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Bazar-14 Takes It to the Street



Earlier this year, just before graduating from London’s University of Westminster, Brighton-born menswear designer Aaron Tubb decided that he wanted to start a luxe sportswear brand. The result was Bazar-14, a range whose name he took from a vintage boutique on Rue de Bretagne, in Paris, which he stumbled upon while interning for Givenchy. Inspired by Russian youth and subcultures, Tubb fuses military-uniform details and sportswear while working in jersey and traditional sportswear fabrics. “My starting point was the iconography of Russian war propaganda, which lead me to find this group of teenagers in Eastern Europe who had their own blogs and Tumblrs. They were from rather deprived areas, but I found how they were dressing to be really thought-provoking and really beautiful, although not necessarily politically and socially correct.”

Tubb, who found an early supporter in A$AP Rocky, continued, “I like the ambiguity of the collection. I wanted a name that didn’t mean anything to anyone except to me. I wanted to do something different, something rather mysterious, and something with real integrity to it. Maybe something a bit perverse.”

The range, which features knits covered in Cyrillic characters, has already been picked up by such retailers as VFiles in New York, IT in Hong Kong, and GR8 in Tokyo, and will launch early next year. Have a look at the streetwear label’s debut (above), exclusively on

Photo: Matthew Henson and Kevin Amoto

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