August 31 2014

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Kate Moss Gets The Birthday Treatment


Kate moss

Kate Moss—that perennial British beauty first captured by the late Corinne Day on the sandy shores of Borneo as a teenager—is turning 40. The iconic model—who has charmed us for decades with her no-holds-barred bohemian look, caused controversy as a proponent of the “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” camp, and, most recently, posed in the nude for Playboy‘s sixtieth-anniversary issue (shot by Mert & Marcus)—is also the subject of a new exhibition entitled Kate Moss: 40—A Retrospective at Imitate Modern gallery, in London. Put together by Kate admirer and artist Russell Marshall, the exhibition will feature ten specially selected and salient images from Kate’s extensive career. Each image will be treated in the CMYK color model and be accompanied by a brief biography of the supe. “‘Celebrity’ can be short-lived these days,” Marshall told The Telegraph. “But not so with Kate…. She grows bigger, brighter, and more iconic each year.” The exhibit, rather appropriately, begins January 17, the day after Moss’ birthday, and runs through February 25, 2014.

Photo: via The Telegraph

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