July 25 2014

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Craig Green Builds DSM a Wooden Wonderland


Craig Green for DSM

“I used to go to Dover Street Market when I was in Uni, and I was always awestruck by it. The space and concept were exactly how I envisioned retail,” said Fashion East alum and London-based menswear designer-to-watch Craig Green. “To be asked to design a display and showcase my collection…let’s just say it was more than a dream come true.”

The pairing seems especially apropos, considering the critically acclaimed young designer is well known for working against the grain—not unlike Rei Kawakubo and her team at DSM. Green was chuffed to be asked to partake in the London store’s tachiagari (“rebirth” in Japanese, and for DSM, that meant shutting down for a couple of days, clearing out the sad old sale bits, sprucing up the place, and adding a few new designers) and show off his Spring ’14 collection.

“They knew I have a thing for wood [Green has featured wearable wooden sculptures in his past collections], so they asked me to incorporate that in the display. Apart from that, they gave me full creative license, and I went with it to build this climbing frame, but cobbled together in a haphazard, chaotic way. It’s reminiscent of the type you would find in a park for kids, but this one is slightly menacing and dangerous,” explained Green, who also has an installation at DSM’s New York location.

“Then, because Spring ’14 had a lot of tie-dye, I thought it would be good to whitewash the frame to counteract the colorfulness of the collection,” he continued of the display, which takes pride of place on the ground floor.

Next up for Green is art-directing an eight-page spread for a men’s magazine, which the designer doesn’t consider moonlighting. Art director, stylist, builder, designer—his thing is to stay busy and let the creativity roll out: “I guess I’ve learned not to say no to anything.”

Photo: Courtesy of Dover Street Market

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