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Dsquared²’s Dan Caten Teases Fall ’14


Dan Caten

Dsquared²’s runway shows are always affairs to remember. And while topping last season’s menswear outing , which boasted chiseled sprites lounging by a waterfall in nothing but the brand’s new skivvies, will be no easy task, it sounds like designers Dean and Dan Caten are up for the challenge. “Some people think it’s unimportant,” Dan said of their grand catwalk displays. “But we think it’s crucial. The show sends a 360-degree message. With the soundtrack, the colors, the set…we’re trying to bring emotion to the clothes and put them in a place that helps our ideas make sense.”

So what are the ideas behind Fall ’14? “The hashtag is Mad Lock. Together, those words make a mood and a world,” Dan hinted, while munching on pasta at he and brother Dean’s restaurant, Ceresio 7. (It’s conveniently set above the duo’s Milan headquarters and, according to Dan, “it’s the best spot in town.”) “Discipline and correctional are both good words, too,” he continued of the Fall collection. “And there’s rigidness—no rule-breaking.”

DSquared2 modelDan describes the range as a departure from Dsquared²’s usual oeuvre, and indicated that the clothes will feature “beautiful colors and fluid construction.” Equally intriguing is the fact that the designers think Fall ’14 might stir up some controversy. “It’s a very difficult theme. But what we’re trying to do is look at a negative situation and put a positive light on it,” Dan offered.

The Catens may be exploring some new territory for Fall, but they’ve confirmed that at least one tried-and-true signature will remain: their cheeky expression of sex appeal. “We always show some skin,” Dan said. “We cast some healthy-looking boys this season, and they’re always so good without their shirts on. So we’ll have a little bit of a peel down, and maybe a little meltdown, too.”

Tune in to tomorrow at 4 a.m. EST to catch the live-stream of Dsquared²’s Fall ’14 menswear show. In the meantime, have a peek at these exclusive behind-the-scenes snaps (above) and the brand’s teaser film (below).

Photo:Margherita Stagliano; Dan Caten

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