August 28 2014

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Ready. Set. Show!


Marc Jacobs Spring '14

With New York fashion week less than a week away, there’s a lot to look forward to. The glitz! The glamour! The street styles! But we can’t help but feel a slight panic attack coming on as well. The mammoth show schedule ensures that the fashion set will be uptown at Lincoln Center one minute, at the Brooklyn Navy Yard the next (ahem, Alexander Wang), and over in West Chelsea just moments later. We’re not even sure that Uber will be able to manage the hordes of requests. Of course, despite the crosstown commutes and subzero temps, you’re expected to be at the top of your game—and look it, too. i-D magazine compiled fifty pieces of useful advice for surviving, nay, thriving during the freezing, sleep-deprived, party-packed week ahead. More important, though, it reminds us to embrace it all with a wink and a smile. We’ve called out our five favorite tips below, and will be putting the entire list to use come Wednesday.

1. Being clean is unfailingly chic.

2. Boys who dress like girls are a grand tradition that must be preserved at all costs. Ditto, girls who dress like boys.

3. Words like “edgy” and “directional” should be used sparingly, otherwise you sound like the tacky fashion “expert” off breakfast telly.

4. If you are going to blog about fashion, make sure you can string a sentence together.

5. All the best avant-garde looks will get you arrested—for example, women wearing trousers in Paris, back in 1800.


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