August 28 2014

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Designers Du Jour: A New Duo Makes Its Mark in Milan


Au Jour Le Jour

In English, “Au Jour Le Jour” means “From Day to Day,” but trust us, there’s nothing mundane about the emerging Milan brand. Giorgio Armani lent designers Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez his Armani Teatro for their show this weekend (they inherited the spot up-and-comer Stella Jean occupied last season), and their Fall collection was as colorful and cheeky as Armani’s was gray and sober. Cat and dog embroideries, a print of open lips and jeweled braces, mod sixties coats in bright patent leather and faux fur. It was the kind of stuff made for the Instagram generation, a demographic they’ve been targeting since the beginning. Au Jour Le Jour’s website is packed with photos of street-style personalities wearing their clothes. Armani himself took notice. “Au Jour Le Jour [has been] able to promote itself, above all, through social networks,” he said in a release. But ask Fontana and Marquez and they’ll tell you, the runway’s still the thing. “The show hosted by Giorgio Armani came as the biggest chance ever to synthesize and convey our vision.” To capitalize on the opportunity, they gave away pins printed with the puppies and kittens on their clothes.

Photo: Getty Images

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