August 29 2014

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The Next Big Thing: Degen Fall ’14


Everyone knows their Marcs from their Calvins. But as fashion month kicks into gear, we’ll be spotlighting the up-and-coming designers and indie brands whose names you’ll want to remember.


Label: Degen, designed by Lindsay Degen

Need to know: Brooklyn-based knitwear designer Lindsay Degen never fails to surprise. In past seasons, she’s looked to such esoteric themes as the interlocking architecture of genetic structures (an ode to mom and dad; both parents are geneticists) and World War I “dazzle ships” for inspiration. This past Fall, she took a step away from her art-school (she’s an alum of both RISD and CSM) standard to collaborate with Victoria’s Secret on a series of “OMG”- and “LOL”-inscribed, social-media-centric thigh-highs and Technicolor woven long johns. One look in particular—a transparent tiger-stripe bodysuit pieced together from fishing line and worn by model Jessica Hart—was the jumping-off point for Degen’s colorful Fall ’14 lineup. Yesterday’s presentation at Industria (a sort of performance-art-cum-knitting rave with made-to-order matcha tea in place of…well, other uppers) gave us neon green-hued, loosely woven crop-top sweaters; thin, nineties-club-styled party tanks; as well as looks made from that same fishing line of VS suit fame. The idea was to visually replicate the trippy experience of working with nonconventional knitting materials, such as the aforementioned fishing line and reflective yarn. This collection is for a very creative type—male, female, however you may identify—with a decidedly DIY bent.

She says: “The whole idea is that a rainbow is really awe-inspiring as a child, and that’s how I felt knitting the fishing line. As I was working, all of this crazy stuff was happening—because it’s not normal yarn, it does weird stuff—so I was like, Wow. This is awesome! I wanted to create that feeling in the person looking at the collection—like magic.”

Where to find it: VFiles, International Playground, and Swords-Smith in New York.

Photo: Courtesy of Degen

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