August 27 2014

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Piers Atkinson’s Tale of a Diva


Piers Atkinson Fall '14

Piers Atkinson has a flare for the dramatic, so it’s not terribly surprising that the London-based milliner likes his collections of clever bejeweled, feathered hats to tell a story. In fact, he stretches each of his plots out over three seasons because, let’s be serious, who doesn’t like a little suspense?

When we last spoke with Atkinson, he had just finished Spring ’14—i.e., chapter one of his current tale—which centered around a fabulous young birthday girl who dreamed of stardom. Now he has given us an exclusive first look at his Fall ’14 outing, and here, our little princess has grown up to become a full-blown international diva. “She’s a globe-trotting multimedia sensation who will need a hat for this, a hat for that, a hat for everything,” Atkinson told us from London. “She needs hats for all seasons because she’s jetting from Aspen to Rio de Janeiro…and it’s very much about this selfie in the red-carpet era idea, too.”

The result is a compilation of hyper-glam wares that are apropos for the step-and-repeat whatever the weather. Think wafting ostrich plumes; multicolored straw fedoras; leopard-printed everything; crystal berets; and beyond. The social media angle comes into play via toppers embellished with Swarovski crystal hashtags that read #nofilter (for the sake of irony, this one turns up on a veiled purple baseball cap), #trending, or, Atkinson’s favorite, #wokeuplikethis. The crowning jewel of the lineup, however, is a gilded leather headband garnished with two giant faux diamonds—kind of a blinged-out Minnie Mouse look, if you will. The entire Hollywood-ready outing was photographed on model Felicity Hayward, who also stars as a Marilyn Monroe-meets-Anna Nicole Smith character in Atkinson’s Fall ’14 film, which debuts below.

The new hats will be on display at Somerset House throughout London fashion week. But now that we know part two of the milliner’s narrative, we can’t help but wonder what becomes of the well-hatted pop star in the finale. “I have a vague idea,” Atkinson hinted. “I recently went to see a stage show starring Joan Collins called One Night, and it was just amazing because she did a very witty, lighthearted discussion of her career and her life. She’s a gorgeous, glamorous woman who’s really done it all,” he gushed. “So next season will be based on the ultimate diva—the woman who has all the amazing stories to tell.”

Photos: Lorenzo Dalbosco 

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