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Teatum Jones Heads Down South


Teatum Jones

Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones, the design duo behind up-and-coming label Teatum Jones, are patriotic in a way that few English designers are. Their production and fabric sourcing all happens within the U.K., and that kind of home-ice advantage resonates with British customers. The label sells briskly at Harvey Nichols and Liberty, and its fan base continues to grow.

When it comes to inspiration, however, far-flung locales are not off-limits. For Fall ’14, the pair, who love a good narrative just as much as they love prints, “cried all the way to Nashville.” The collection was inspired by Avedon’s portraits of the American Deep South, but with an English twist.

In the past, the designers have blurred the lines between masculine and feminine dressing, and they continued on this gender bender for Fall. It was all slightly kooky, but, strangely, immensely desirable.

Their quirky English cowboy/girl was rocking tweed and Lurex overalls, and grid-like black-and-white patterns were inspired by the South’s ubiquitous chicken wire. Fraying and deconstructed details abounded on layered hems, and a sweater in brick red was made from hairy silk fleece, meant to represent the tumbleweeds blowing in the Southern wind. Their Frye chunky-heeled boots were an instant hit, as were their Amish-style hats.

Judging by this outing, which also featured a dove gray culottes suit and a kaleidoscopic one-shouldered gown, it feels like Teatum Jones’ arrival is nigh—that is, if it hasn’t happened already.

Photos: Courtesy Photos

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