August 20 2014

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Want a Glam Tracksuit? Giuseppe Zanotti’s Got You


Giuseppe Zanotti

When it comes to more-is-more aesthetics, Giuseppe Zanotti doesn’t need lessons. Through his shoes, bags, and accessories, he’s established himself as an expert of embellishment, a wizard of zippers, and a guru of gilt. For sky-high, strappy, spiked heels, he’s your guy. In the market for a pump with a built-in metallic snake to caress your ankle? Zanotti has it covered. By that token, his inaugural ready-to-wear micro-capsule—tracksuits for men and women that debut exclusively here—should come as a delight to those buying his distinctive brand of glam. Hers comes in leather with dangling gold accents standing in for traditional drawstrings; his comes with a generous helping of straps. Both versions boast quilted kneepads and gleaming zipper accents. Zanotti (who celebrates the twentieth anniversary of his label, Giuseppe Zanotti Design, this year) recruited fashion’s favorite tracksuit maven, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, to shoot and style the campaign. “She understood the idea that sometimes less is more, but for me, more is more,” Zanotti told “She styled maybe four, five different bracelets [with the looks]!” But if Donatella levels of bling aren’t your bag, or you’re dubious about the prospect of what amounts to a formal tracksuit, Zanotti is happy to advise. “I imagine somebody might love to pair the pants with Nike sneakers, a T-shirt, and a nice Rolex watch or something.” Minimalist styling tips from a master of maximalism? We’ll take ’em.

Photo: Courtesy of Giuseppe Zanotti

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