August 20 2014

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Love Lost Is Jewelry Gained



Freelance stylist Elisa Nalin may have her ex-husband to thank for her latest project with storied French jewelry house Gripoix. “The only present he gave me that I ever liked was a vintage Gripoix necklace,” she laughed. Last year, she was spotted wearing it at a Chanel show, and in short order Nalin and Gripoix owner Marie Keslassy were dreaming up the Fall ’14 collection. “She’s really a traveler, she picks up things all over the place that are fascinating and not necessarily luxurious,” commented Keslassy. “It became our project to take those ideas and spin them in a colorful, more luxurious way.” Cue a wide “Byzantine revisited” necklace in matte yellow and turquoise poured glass that does a convincing imitation of the real semiprecious stone. Elsewhere, candy-colored bracelets are strung into a sautoir, and slim, colorful rings can pair off or be worn on many fingers. “The matte finish really makes the colors pop,” offered Nalin. The Cleopatra necklace is a showstopper. Maybe we should all thank Nalin’s ex-husband.

Photo: Courtesy Photo

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