August 29 2014

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Trademark Announces Men’s Collection and Store Opening in New York



New York City-based sisters Pookie and Louisa Burch launched Trademark, a full range of American sportswear for women, in February of this year to rave reviews. Inspired by Donald Judd, Josef Albers, and Barnett Newman, the clothes are nostalgic while still being very modern. The new men’s collection, which launched this week, is much like the women’s: cool, wearable, and thoughtful. It’s a focused range of refined athletic shorts, striped T-shirts, mélange sweaters, and rubberized windbreakers—sophisticated and technical but also affordable.

We spoke with the brand director, Alex Hawgood, about the new men’s collection and the Trademark’s plans for a store in Soho.

Was a men’s collection always part of the plan for Trademark?
Yes, Trademark was always conceived as a complete lifestyle brand. There is a utilitarian and pragmatic approach to Trademark’s identity that unifies both the men’s and the women’s collection. For spring, we launched the men’s as a smaller capsule collection with a tightly edited offering. Trademark is still a very small team operationally, but the more I thought about the pieces that make up a man’s wardrobe, the more it made sense to keep the collection small and considered. No guy needs a thousand more new options in his life.

I think the color palette that was used is really nice. What was that inspired by?
Color is something very important to the Trademark brand as a whole, from the packaging to the website. We never want to use color in an overdone pop way, but rather in a very thought-out but slightly experimental way. Trademark is an American brand, so we wanted to reference great American figures that used color in a very bold but precise way, like Barnett Newman or Anni Albers.

Do you have a favorite piece? I really like the Olympia long-sleeve T-shirt. It reminds me of something you would wear sailing.
We wanted to do an iconic logo shirt but have it feel familiar in a nostalgic way. It’s actually the only piece in either the women’s or men’s collection that features our logo. I like the Olympia shirt in cream and the Data windbreaker jacket that comes in a rubberized nylon that feels like crinkled paper.

Can you tell me a little bit more about the upcoming store in New York?
The store, designed by the firm Bozarthfornell Architects—they’re based out of Stockholm—is opening in June. It’s an incredible space—an interpretation of iconic minimalist American design as seen through a Swedish perspective. It’s a space that both men and women will feel equally comfortable in.

Photos by Jeff Henrikson / Collages by Joe Garvey

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