September 1 2014

styledotcom Just in time for fashion week, @Barbie's wardrobe gets a designer update:

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Christian Louboutin Walks on the Dark Side of Surrealism



“I hate the whole concept of comfort!” Christian Louboutin infamously remarked in a 2011 New Yorker profile. And the designer’s distaste for comfort goes far beyond the pitch of a stiletto. Louboutin’s more irreverent sensibilities emerged anew today, with a calendar lookbook that’s already raising a few Internet eyebrows.

Reminiscent of David Lynch or Guy Bourdin, the images show Louboutin’s Fall ’14 wares on impeccably sheeny gams and feet, which are lopped off mid-thigh and nestled in boxes full of crisp tissue paper. The Telegraph‘s Kate Finnigan called foul, with a reminder that even our objects of lust “need a body, a heart, a mind too.” We’d humbly submit that while many a glossy ad campaign boasts plenty of body, heart and mind are considerably harder to come by. Moreover, when’s the last time you saw a face featured in a footwear lookbook? Louboutin’s cheeky new offering boasts no blood and no gore—just a healthy dose of Pop surrealism.

Photos: via The Telegraph

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