August 29 2014

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EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Nichol Gives You the Finger


Wendy Nichol

Wendy Nichol wants you to fuck off.

Or rather, Wendy Nichol wants you to wear an FU, a shockingly elegant proposition thanks to the designer’s latest capsule collection of jewelry and small leather goods. “I got this T-shirt and it says ‘Fuck You’ on it, in black and white. I like how hilarious it is, to just be so straightforward,” said Nichol. This breed of Canal Street vendor-Zen, as it turns out, pairs prettily with Nichol’s brand of downtown chic. The resulting pieces, which debut exclusively here, are luxe and quietly cheeky. A sculpted bronze hand, middle digit extended, is downright elegant as the closure to a supple black cowhide wallet, and flipping the bird never looked as good as it does supplemented by Nichol’s new rings, available in gold, bronze, and silver (with either oxidized or pavé talons). Any initial concerns about the salability of her strong message were easily dismissed. “I was a little bit worried about that aggressive message, but I just thought that there was so much fun and play in it that I knew people would see the humor.” Nichol’s hunch was spot-on, it seems: The pieces have been pre-selling briskly at her Soho boutique, and Barneys picked up the collection right away. “It’s like a private joke. As I’m taking out my wallet, people are like, ‘Oh, my God, is that what I think it is?’” the designer laughed. “It’s what every New York girl needs.” And should come in handy the next time a chap on the street urges you to “Smile, sweetheart.”

Jewelry is on sale now at Wendy Nichol (147 Sullivan Street, New York City), with leather goods available for preorder. The collection will be arriving at Barneys New York mid-May.

Wendy Nichol

Photo: Courtesy Photo

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