August 22 2014

styledotcom Wondering where @JaneHermanBishop of @jeanstories gets her favorite denim?

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This Week’s Look of The Day Highlights—All in One Place


DiorHere at, Look of the Day is ground zero for calling out our fashion preoccupations of the moment. Each day, we choose a theme or event—be it an emerging street style or runway trend, a red-carpet premiere, or our favorite model-on-the-rise—and illustrate the idea with five different images. From there, we turn the poll over to you, our readers, who vote for your favorite looks. We’re always surprised and inspired when our opinion differs from our audience’s. For the first time, we’ve created a slideshow recapping the week’s most-voted Looks of the Day. Between Fall ’14 metallics, Statue of Liberty-inspired designs, and the resurgence of Louis Vuitton’s quintessential monogrammed bags, there’s plenty of stylish food for thought.

Click for a slideshow of this week’s Look of the Day highlights.

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