August 23 2014

styledotcom Are designers running out of ideas? Or are straightforward clothes a sign of times? via @CathyHorynNYT

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Editor Obsessions: Common Projects Achilles Sneakers


cpsEvery day,’s editors reveal their current obsessions—and where to buy them. Check out today’s pick, below.

These are such a no-brainer, I hesitate to even put into words why they’re so necessary right now. Just like we need food and sleep and coffee to survive, we need crispy white Italian-made luxury sneakers or life is just not worth getting out of bed for. Look no further than Common Projects—there’s a reason why they’re the go-to for true menswear bosses around the world. You can literally wear them with anything (or nothing—summer!), so that cost-per-wear ratio undoubtedly works in your favor. The only problem is that CPs can quickly become an expensive habit, so good luck limiting yourself to just one pair.

Common Projects Achilles sneakers, $410, Buy it now

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