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From Gotham to Gmunden, Sophie and Paul Sevigny’s Fairy-Tale Wedding



Congratulations to Sophie Aschauer and Paul Sevigny, who were married over the weekend in what can fairly be described as a postcard-perfect ceremony in the bride’s picturesque hometown of Gmunden, Austria. The pair exchanged vows in a tiny chapel on an island off the shores of a massive lake, and the scene inside will not have been unfamiliar to anyone who has frequented one of Sevigny’s New York nightspots, such as The Beatrice Inn, Don Hill’s, or his current address, Paul’s Baby Grand. In other words, the place was packed to the rafters and a spirit of unforced bonhomie emanated from the groom and his radiant bride.

sophieandpaul2After the ceremony, guests including best man André Saraiva; Paul’s sister Chloë; and the dirndl-icious Le-Tan sisters, Olympia and Cleo, enjoyed a toast on the wooden bridge outside, and the sun broke through the clouds above the mountains in the background. (It didn’t come as a surprise to learn that parts of The Sound of Music were filmed nearby.)

Later, festivities continued at a castle hidden deep in the woods at the end of a narrow, unpaved lane. Vast quantities of schnitzel and strudel were consumed, as were vaster quantities of local wine. Attendees, many of whom had stayed out till the wee hours at a welcome party at Aschauer’s parents’ house the night before, roused themselves for another round of dancing. It’s safe to say the hills were alive with…well, you get the idea. Bride and groom were last seen departing for parts unknown in a convertible. We wish them much happiness and joy on their journey.

Photo: Courtesy of Matthias Aschauer

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