April 20 2014

styledotcom Must be the night fever.

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Marina Larroude

Market Director Marina Larroudé covers high-end designers, accessories, and the home and children's markets for She has been with the company since early 2006, when she joined's fashion department. Larroudé grew up in Araçatuba and São Paulo, where she started her career as a contributing editor for Vogue Brasil.

Marina’s Must-Have: A.B. Biagi’s Brigadeiro Gelato


For the non-Brazilians reading this, brigadeiro is a Brazilian candy. It has a similar taste to dulce de leche from Argentina, but it’s made with chocolate, so it’s supersweet and superrich. Antonio Barros Biagi, a personal friend, opened a gelateria in Nolita last summer and has been very experimental with this flavor ever since. Now […]

Marina’s Must-Haves: Leather Overall Shorts From Veda


I‘m in an overalls phase lately. I have one navy pair in heavy cotton from Joseph that I purchased many years ago, and they have a very “grown-up,” polished look to them. Lots of girls have been wearing them in denim lately—a look I also want to try. Browsing through Veda’s collection, I came across […]

Marina’s Must-Haves: Mini Rodini’s Adorable Organic Tee


Earth Day is coming up next week, and I’m trying to think of more conscious ways to consume. I try to keep things organic—especially when it comes to my baby, George. This applies to everything, whether it’s his body wash or his clothes. While searching for eco-friendly kids’ wares, I came across Mini Rodini, which […]

Marina’s Must-Haves: Personalized Ray-Bans


I can be playful with my shades, but I also like to have a pair of simple and classic wayfarers that go well with every outfit. I used to own a pair that mysteriously “disappeared” last summer. Ever since, I’ve been meaning to replace them. Last week I ordered a pair online—not the basic ones […]

Marina’s Must-Haves: Carven Floral Denim Dress


This spring I want to be surrounded by flowers. Orchids, tulips, and peonies are my favorites for decorating my house, but I’m less particular about the species when it comes to what I wear—any floral arrangements will do. Carven’s denim rose-print dress is on my wish list this week. Printed denim is an interesting choice, […]