July 12 2014

styledotcom Fashion adopts the bike as one of its favorite accessories:

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Maya Singer

Women’s Assembly, Now In Session


For several seasons now, girls have been ducking into Assembly New York, Greg Armas’ shop on the Lower East Side, and walking out with pieces from the Assembly menswear collection. Last night, Armas repaid his female fans for their devotion, debuting Assembly New York womenswear to a packed house at the Ludlow Street shop. “I […]

The 12 Days Of Christmas: Day 3


The holiday season is upon us. We’ve already quizzed some of our favorite fashion personalities—from Bruno Frisoni to Miranda Kerr—on what they’d get for one another, and now we’re turning the focus to our own office. Check in every day to see what’s editors and contributors are going to gift (and hoping to get) […]

Tara Subkoff Pledges Allegiance…To Downtown New York


Would you like to have lunch on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange? Perhaps a late-night repast at Macy’s, the night before Christmas? If so, then the vibe at last night’s opening of Co-Op at the Rivington Hotel on the Lower East Side would have greatly appealed to you. Thronging is, perhaps, too […]

One Of Kate Moss’ Earliest Champions Speaks: “I Told Her She’d Do Giant Campaigns. And She Was Like, Wha-a-t?


If you’ve never heard of Gene Lemuel, that’s partly by design. Back in the early nineties, Lemuel was on a fast track to the A-list of fashion photography—shooting for The Face, scouted by Italian Vogue, hip-pocketed by Helmut Newton’s former agent. Then Lemuel just about disappeared. His name is still a buzzword to a chosen […]

At VPL, Models Fit To Be Tied


Artist Orly Genger and VPL designer Victoria Bartlett have been collaborating for a while now: Genger, in conjunction with Jaclyn Mayer, creates much of the jewelry that Bartlett uses in her fashion show. Jewelry-wise, some of those pieces have been pretty large—nearly breastplate size, say. But that’s nothing compared to what Bartlett and Genger have […]