August 21 2014

styledotcom #TBT: Tim Blanks looks back at Marc Jacobs' Spring '98 runway collection. @MarcJacobsIntl

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Maya Singer

catherine holstein’s Casablanca-Nintendo hybrid


One of the better fashion week games to play—once the actual mental craziness has begun to set in—is to try to imagine new uses for a designer’s congeries of inspiration. Take Saturday’s Catherine Holstein show, for example, which drew on Casablanca and Nintendo, leading this rather bleary-eyed scribe to imagine a video game in which […]

Threeasfour: And the Gown Cried Fashion


There came a point during fashion week, day two: the hurricane, where it was nigh on impossible to have any thought other than “I am wet.” Those trying to stay fashion-focused might gamely have jotted a note, like, “Pneumonia, in for Spring ’09,” but really, a person can, in fact, get so drenched that even […]

Shipley and Halmos, the Musical


“By Sam” was the pithy credit provided for the musical accompaniment to Friday’s Shipley & Halmos show, and sure enough, the Sam in question was none other than Sam Shipley. Not that the designer had ever intended his song The Quiet Woman to make such a public debut. According to Jeff Halmos, a certain amount […]

the kiwi lowdown from karen walker


Karen Walker devotees, take note: Those straw chapeaus the designer showed on Saturday will indeed be going into production for next spring. That was a subject of some debate after Walker’s runway cleared—after all, the skyscraping hats, which sent up many a “preorder” murmur, looked suspiciously like one of those cruel just-for-runway jokes designers like […]

veruschka on self: “pretty good”


What does one do for the woman who’s done everything? Well, when the woman in question is Veruschka, arguably the most photogenic person ever to look into a camera lens, the logical thing is to compile the very best snaps of her and issue a limited-edition book. Thus Veruschka comes to press courtesy of Assouline, […]