April 24 2014

styledotcom .@marinalarroude rounds up the best black & gold finds from Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs & more:

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Maya Singer

who’s alexander wang’s musical guest? foxy brown


So, fashion week’s been pretty tight so far: nice clothes, nice parties, nice chitter-chatter on the side. But admit it, the thought has crossed your mind: Wouldn’t this all be just a little more fresh if Foxy Brown were making the scene? Well, fashion week just got a whole lot fresher, because you can catch […]

ten years on, united bamboo keeps mixing it up


It’s not surprising that the designers of a brand that sometimes presses its own CD compilations should reach for musical metaphors to describe their approach to making clothes. And so it is with United Bamboo, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this season. “It’s kind of like a DJ remixing an old song,” explains Thuy Pham […]

an eighties revival we can get behind


Remember Units? Depending on where you were living in the late eighties, you may have encountered the Units concept via the brand names Multiples or Singles. Still not ringing a bell? Here’s Woody Hochswender, writing in The New York Times on October 18, 1988: “In times of escalating clothing costs and fashion ennui, ‘modular dressing’ […]

space saver: vena cava take on sun ra


Vena Cava designers Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock, who are showing this afternoon, have already won Spring 2009′s top prize for best inspiration ever, taking home the gold this season for their seventies-era Egyptomania theme, inspired by the film Space Is the Place, starring Sun Ra. Aspiring designers, take note: You land on the CFDA/Vogue […]

trovata interrupts fashion week for a (very) brief political moment


What do cotton, vegetable oil, and Jack Kerouac all have in common? Anyone who attended yesterday’s Trovata show knows the answer to that one: a school bus. Trovata founder John Whitledge has retrofitted an old bus to run on vegetable oil, and soon, with the support of Cotton, Inc., he intends to get on the […]