August 22 2014

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Maya Singer

follow the bouncing ball


With the Beijing Olympics over and reckoned a triumph, it seems like the right time to ask: What’s the deal with ping-pong? There’s Naked Ping-Pong, played not-nakedly out of a Tribeca loft; there are the nightly no-joke matches in Chinatown; there’s the string quartet that accompanies the skip of the ping-pong ball on Tuesday nights […]

paris on the hudson


Colette requires no introduction. The Rue Saint-Honoré boutique founded in 1997 by Colette Roussaux and her daughter Sarah Lerfel has revolutionized retailing in countless ways, perhaps most notably by challenging the notion that a store devoted to the sale of top-of-the-line designer clothes should only sell top-of-the-line designer clothes. By intermingling high and low; interspersing […]

have show, won’t travel


Joanne Reyes isn’t getting out much just now. As she prepares for her first-ever runway show this September, the Vicente Villarin designer has turned herself into a one-woman atelier, sketching, draping, pattern-making, cutting, and sewing every single dress she’s planning to send down the Bumble and bumble catwalk all by herself. “I’m pretty fast—like, this […]

blood, sweat, and rubber: nike on mercer street


Richard Clarke really likes the word “innovate.” In conversation, the global creative director of Nike Sportswear scatters the verb like a bee spreading pollen, as he tries to get to the essence of the brand he’s worked for these past dozen years. This, he emphasizes again and again, is what Nike does: Nike innovates. “The […]

ponchos: not just for gauchos anymore


Carolina Aubele has a modest proposal for American shoppers: Reconsider the poncho. “You have to understand, in Argentina, the poncho is a basic,” says the Buenos Aires-based designer. “It’s like a cardigan or a blazer, only more functional. You can dress a good poncho up or down, you can wrap it like a scarf, you […]