April 20 2014

styledotcom Must be the night fever.

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Maya Singer

blood, sweat, and rubber: nike on mercer street


Richard Clarke really likes the word “innovate.” In conversation, the global creative director of Nike Sportswear scatters the verb like a bee spreading pollen, as he tries to get to the essence of the brand he’s worked for these past dozen years. This, he emphasizes again and again, is what Nike does: Nike innovates. “The […]

ponchos: not just for gauchos anymore


Carolina Aubele has a modest proposal for American shoppers: Reconsider the poncho. “You have to understand, in Argentina, the poncho is a basic,” says the Buenos Aires-based designer. “It’s like a cardigan or a blazer, only more functional. You can dress a good poncho up or down, you can wrap it like a scarf, you […]

celebrating BUST’s 15th


When the first issue of BUST came rolling off the presses 15 years ago, observers would have been hard-pressed to call its debut anything so official as a "launch." After all, the "presses" amounted to a photocopier in the Viacom offices where Debbie Stoller and Laurie Henzel worked back then, and their friends were pretty […]



"It’s a big wedding summer for me," said Zac Posen early Monday morning at his resort presentation. "I did Melia Marden’s dress. She married Kid America in gold sequins this weekend." Next up is his pal Alexia Kondylis’ Montana wedding. The designer wouldn’t say much more than "Goya" and "fifties-era Dior", but you can bet […]