August 23 2014

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Blasblog: The Koh Front


When I moved to New York, my mother gave me one piece of professional advice: Work begets work. I blew that off with the rest of her metropolitan tips. (She once bought me one of those tourist money belts for Christmas. Can you imagine?) Still, speaking to the most recent face of United Bamboo, Terence Koh, proved she might be right with that other dictum. So, how did Koh land this latest campaign? “Thuy [Pham, United Bamboo co-designer] was in Hong Kong and saw my face plastered all over billboards for an ad campaign I did there for Lane Crawford,” the artist explains. “He didn’t know I could strike a pose like no other.” (We of course knew that, having seen him work a Fendi fur and Balenciaga robot leggings like it was his job.) Not that he was unfamiliar with the clothing: He’s been a fan of the collection for his daily studio wear for years. “I think it’s a great puts-you-in-the-mood-to-make-art clothes look,” says Koh. “You just feel elegant and creative in it, like one of those preppy hot Catholic school boys.” Koh also says he took the modeling job very seriously, even agreeing to grow back his eyebrows for the shoot. He may even be contemplating a career change. “I would like to be a male model,” he says with a smile. “I think I might give up being an artist. That’s hard work.” He might just be his own best agent. He says he’d like his next job to be shot as the face of Comme des Garçons, but to hawk the women’s collection—not the men’s. It’s not a total stretch for the whippet-thin artist. “I have always had a dream to be in a custom-made Comme des Garçons white wedding dress shot by Jean-Paul Goude.” From what we know of those visionaries, it might not be a bad collaboration. Koh definitely knows his way around the fashion-as-art lingo: “Honestly I just like looking at clothes which I don’t perceive as fashion,” he explains. “It’s like shapes and surfaces you put over your body so you become a living sculpture.” You can see Koh’s ads, shot by Marcelo Krasilcic in the Spring issue of Fantastic Man magazine.

Photo: Marcelo Krasilcic

Loved By Kanye, De Jesus Walks


It’s not often a new face catches the eye of Kanye West before our own, but such is the career trajectory of Major’s Daniela de Jesus, who confusingly also goes by the name Daniela Cosio. The exotic Mexican beauty has enjoyed a steady presence in the lad mags— hence Kanye’s effusive shout-out in his blog—but this long-limbed looker is poised for a high fashion run. On the heels of a Bruce Weber-shot editorial for Vogue Italia comes an appearance at last week’s Giambattista Valli pre-fall show in Florence. Could she be next season’s Arlenis Sosa? Stay tuned to find out.

Photo: Stefano Masse / SGP

1001 Nights Of Supreme Models


Supreme’s Fall 2009 show package hit our desks today—the first of the season— and it shows absolutely no signs of economy-induced restraint. In keeping with one of Spring’s key trends, the harem pant-heavy Marrakech Express, the agency captured Suvi, Behati , Hanne, and the rest of its genetically gifted crew in various states of undress and packaged the images in an ornate, gold and royal purple box that’s sure to catch the eye of any casting agent with a Scheherezade obsession.

Photo: Nicola Kast

Brazil’s Next Top Model


Brazilian models are the country’s most popular fashion export, and, aside from Gisele, who is probably busy basking in post-engagement bliss, many of the best-known names are in full glamorous effect on the runways here at Fashion Rio. Familiar faces Isabeli Fontana, Viviane Orth, Bruna Tenorio, and a bleached-blonde Ana Claudia Michels (in comeback mode after walking last season at Givenchy) all walked for Rio grande dame Mara Mac’s show. But the real news on this catwalker-dotted landscape is fresh face Carolina Thaler, who has been everywhere this week. If model scouts have any sense, she should be promptly shipped off to New York for castings next month—she’s guaranteed to be the next big Brazilian thing.

Framing Helena


Just because Helena Christensen likes to take a picture now and then, that doesn’t mean she has to take her freaking camera everywhere. That’s according to the supermodel herself, by the way. But at last night’s opening of her new photography show Far From, Close at Neil Grayson’s Dactyl Foundation, Christensen noted that in today’s advanced technological age, not having a camera is merely a formal opportunity disguised as a challenge. “I took them on a phone,” she explained of the series of slide-size photographs (pictured here) in the front room at Dactyl. “You can’t print too large with the phone photos,” she added, “but anyway, I like the small.” Meanwhile, gallerygoers including 30 Rock star Judah Friedlander, Jeff Koons, Todd Eberle, and Christensen’s boyfriend, Paul Banks of Interpol, craned their necks at the tiny prints and squinted. However, sweet relief for the eyeballs could be found in the back, where the large-format prints were hanging and where Christensen pals Yelena Yemchuk and Michael Stipe were hanging out. Judging by the landscape shots, Christensen had managed to pack her camera on a few trips—to the Catskills, to Cuba, to Canada. But she wasn’t packing, so to speak, last night, which means the Christensen set’s post-opening journey to new It spot Macao will have been documented only in memory, or perhaps on camera phones. Far From, Close‘s next stop is the gallery at Chanel’s Ginza boutique next year.

Photo: Helena Christensen