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EDM’s Biggest Moneymaker, Johnny Depp’s New Father-Daughter Project, and More of the News You Missed Today


103.5 KTU's KTUphoria 2014 - ShowJay Z beat out by…
It’s been a pretty good summer (and winter and spring and fall) for Calvin Harris, who has just been named the highest-paid DJ in the world for the second year running. Forbes reported he earned $66 million in the past year playing more than 50 festivals and gigs. What’s more shocking? His earnings topped those of music industry heavyweight Jay Z, who reportedly made $60 million. [The Huffington Post]

Google knows all…
A comparison of the top 20 search terms by area has revealed a sharp difference in the concerns of Americans in various geographical locations. While people living in the wealthiest parts of America are Googling the latest tech gadgets and holiday destinations, those at the other end of the wealth spectrum are worried about health issues and diet tips. [The Cut]

Johnny Depp and Lily-Rose’s New Project…
It was announced today that Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp is set to star alongside his 15-year-old daughter, Lily-Rose, in the upcoming film Yoga Hosers. The film is going to be quite the family affair—Haley Quinn Smith, who is the daughter of the movie’s director, Kevin Smith, is also in it. [Harper's Bazaar U.K.]

The most-photographed man in New York?
The first answer that comes to mind here is likely a celebrity name. But according to a NYT story today, it’s a man named Di Mondo. Read all about the relatively unknown eccentric now. [The New York Times]

How Hermès keeps its cool…
Hermès has a new designer, the luxury label’s stock went up more than 175 percent in the last five years, and it was named as one of the most innovative companies in the world, ahead of brands like Netflix and Starbucks. What’s the secret to its historic empire? Forbes reports. [Forbes]

Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Telfar Clemens Pops Up at Opening Ceremony and Hints at His Plans for NYFW


telfarPeople poured into Opening Ceremony last night for a preview party to celebrate Telfar Clemens’ new pop-up in the store on Howard Street. The vodka flowed and a smiling life-sized sculpture of the designer sat in the window. “I want to be a new kind of American designer,” Clemens said over the noisy party din. If Clemens is consistently anything, it’s exactly that—new.

The OC pop-up from the ever-emerging designer includes soft, Snuggie-shaped tunics: “I’m all about using comfort fabrics and applying them to luxury clothes, which is a hard concept for anyone to get. They’re like, ‘But this is my bathrobe?’” It also includes leather bags emblazoned with the Telfar logo—in both full and miniature sizes—and T-shirts printed with images from the lookbook video that played overhead.

It was all very meta, and Clemens’ role shifted from the DJ throwing the party to the designer for whom the party was thrown throughout the night. “I’m about leveling the playing field between what’s fashion and what’s normal, what’s taste and what’s classic” he said. “I like mixing high-end and lowbrow and equalizing them. Not that one is good and one is bad. It just is what it is.”

Clemens is known for launching clothing collections alongside innovative, thought-provoking “projects.” Last season he created a crowdsourcing app in which the public was invited to submit looks for consideration on the runway. “The community styled my show,” he said. In February, he teamed up with Kmart for a collection presented at the New Museum.

So what’s the new, crazy concept for this Fall’s New York fashion week? “This season is all about owning my own concepts,” Clemons said. “We will be referencing ourselves in everything. Like when you see our belt loops or pockets, you know that is Telfar. We’re calling the theme ‘Patent Pending.’”

Photo: Rosalie Knox

At Barneys, a Slam Dunk for Russell Westbrook


BARNEYS NEW YORK Hosts a Private Dinner in Honor of RUSSELL WESTBROOK and the Westbrook XO Barneys New York Limited Edition CollectionEven for an NBA pro like Russell Westbrook (pictured, right), the eighth floor of the Barneys New York flagship store last night was harder to navigate than a well-defended basketball court. Legions of fans, from adoring 12-year-old girls to designers like Thakoon Panichgul, turned out to support the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard and his new clothing and accessories collaboration with Barneys.

“My husband and I are very weirdly sporty—we are like Sporty Spice,” admitted Simon Doonan, creative ambassador-at-large for the retailer. “I said to [Russell] that I was his biggest fan, and then I realized I was probably his littlest fan—we had a good laugh about that,” he added, as he looked up at the towering 6’9″ Thunder star Kevin Durant and 6’8″ Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried (pictured, left), who were both standing nearby.

He was right about that. Moments later, Durant tapped Westbrook on the shoulder and asked his teammate, “Man, how do I get some of this?” Pulling at Westbrook’s leather jersey shirt (made in collaboration with Marcelo Burlon), Durant said, “I want what you have, like this one.” No discounts for teammates, apparently. He was given directions toward the right clothing rack and the cash register.

Afterward, Westbrook and co. headed to Bill’s Food & Drink to continue the celebrations over dinner. “Yeah, my friends like the line a lot,” the 25-year-old first-time designer told “You might not see them wearing it on the courts just yet, but obviously, they’ll be walking into the arena in it, for sure.” Will he be taking time out of his day job to check out the design competition on the runways during New York fashion week next month? “I’ll be around at the shows—I definitely want to see Public School.”

BARNEYS NEW YORK Hosts a Cocktail Party in Honor of RUSSELL WESTBROOK and the Westbrook XO Barneys New York Limited Edition Collection

Photos: Joe Schildhorn /

Beyoncé and Sky Ferreira Favorited Label, Obesity + Speed, Draws a Crowd in Brooklyn


OBESITY + SPEED Premiere of "It's Showtime"“It’s just like Urban Outfitters but cooler,” said one partygoer at the buzzy Space Ninety 8 in Williamsburg last night. The Urban-owned and -operated space is a new concept store featuring much of the retailer’s signature merchandise assortment, in addition to a first floor available for various pop-up shops, a third-floor bar and restaurant, and a rooftop lounge. In short, it was the hippest new space for Obesity + Speed, the downtown label favorited by the likes of Beyoncé, Sky Ferreira, and Kesha, to showcase its latest campaign video. The short, titled It’s Showtime, is a three-minute ode to the subway guerilla dance group by the same name.

“I love subway dancers,” Pamela Love told us. “They’re fearless, and just trying to make a buck. Two things I totally appreciate.” But would Love ever consider joining in on the show? “Absolutely not. I prefer to watch.” Leigh Lezark took a similar position on the issue of subway performers—they’re cool, but she plans to stick to the turntables. After music sets from Greg K. (pictured, left), Vashtie (pictured, center), ASTR, and a surprise performance from subway dancer Malik himself, even the shyest of wallflowers was dancing.

Based on the crew of black-clad downtowners and Brooklynites who turned out for the fete, Obesity + Speed knows how to get the cool kids talking. And it doesn’t hurt that Beyoncé’s instantly iconic ski mask from her On the Run tour is an original Obesity + Speed. Or that the brand’s founder, Lyz Olko, also moonlights as director of nightlife for The Jane and The Westway. But despite the hype, Olko keeps things in perspective. “Tonight isn’t about the money or if what you’re doing is the coolest thing,” she said. “It’s about doing what you love and doing your best at it.”

Photos: Madison McGaw/

Kesha, A$AP Ferg, and More Reveal All in a Hilarious New Haim Video; Tom Hanks Tops the App Charts; and More of the News You Missed Today


Haim calls on famous friends…
The sister trio pulled out the big guns for their newest music video remix for “My Song 5.” Appointing the likes of Kesha, A$AP Ferg, Ezra Koenig, and Saturday Night Live‘s Vanessa Bayer, the girls’ latest vid depicts a Jerry Springer-inspired talk show with each guest revealing an interesting secret. Click here to have a look—hilarity is imminent.

Happy Birthday Coco
Today marks Coco Chanel’s 131st birthday. In celebration of the legendary designer, here’s a look at some of her most memorable and inspirational quotes. [Harper's Bazaar U.K.]

Tom Hanks has an app?
As if we needed any more reason to believe in the power of celebrity: Tom Hanks has launched a new iPad app and it is currently ranked No. 1 on the iTunes store. The Hanx Writer app is a typewriter simulator, which imitates the analog typing experience. The inspiration? Hanks said, “I wanted the sound of typing if nothing else…cause I find it’s like music that spurs along the creative urge.” The app even makes a chime sound when you reach the end of a line—how authentic. [TechCrunch]

SNL Announcer Don Pardo dies at 96…
In today’s more serious news, Saturday Night Live‘s Don Pardo has passed away. Pardo was a part of the SNL family for 39 years, acting as the announcer for all but one season. His instantly recognizable voice will be missed by industry insiders and comedy enthusiasts alike. [Vanity Fair]

Stress Addicts Anonymous…
For many of us, stress is a part of daily life. We’ve been programmed to believe it’s a common, inevitable life element everyone has to deal with. However, experts are now suggesting stress may be self-imposed or, worse still, an addiction. The Huffington Post today is explaining the telltale signs of stress addiction, and delivering helpful tips on how to eliminate it.

All the cool girls have one…
One of the most in-demand handbag lines out there right now? It’s not by Fendi, Givenchy, or Saint Laurent, but Mansur Gavriel. Today’s L.A. Times feature explains the hype. [L.A. Times]