August 28 2014

styledotcom The best street style shots from Stockholm fashion week:

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The Ice Bucket Just Got Much Chicer, Thanks to Gisele B√ľndchen and Mario Testino


The chances of Donatella Versace dumping a bucket of ice water over her head seem slim to none, but this could be a real thing—maybe. This afternoon, after accepting his nomination by Gisele Bündchen, Mario Testino called upon Donatella, Kate Moss, and David Beckham to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge. The monthlong campaign, in efforts to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), quickly went viral with influencers like Oprah pouring it out on Instagram. But what started as an Internet stunt has reportedly raised more than $10 million. We’re ready to see more of fashion’s favorites participate—and we’d happily nominate ourselves to pour anything on David Beckham.

Photo: @mariotestino

Is the Skinny Jean on Its Way Out?


skinny-jeanIt’s Denim Week here at, but not everyone’s thrilled to see a new crop of skinny jeans (and boyfriend jeans and embellished jeans and flares…you get the idea). In fact, Bloomberg wrote that in order to boost waning apparel sales, companies like Gap Inc. are introducing non-denim “alternatives” to the omnipresent skinny jean. For women who are over the slim fit but don’t want to indulge in the latest denim trends, there’s been an influx of palazzo pants; harem pants; and loose, “forgiving” variations on the track pant.

It may very well have something to do with the latest activewear-as-ready-to-wear craze. Women are quick to spend more than $100 on Lululemon leggings, and even quicker to wear them outside of the gym. Gap (which owns activewear brand Athleta) is making zippered sweats and ticking-stripe capris that are geared more toward brunch than a morning workout.

For us, the most interesting takeaway is how looser pants (denim or otherwise) are affecting sales in other categories. For example, department stores like Bloomingdale’s are introducing more structured tops for contrast. Similarly, women will likely choose sleeker, more minimal shoes, like a single-sole pump. The result is comparable to the success of Ugg boots in the early aughts: They flew off the shelves after women realized their skinny jeans could be tucked into them. We certainly won’t be retiring our skinnies (or pulling out the Uggs) anytime soon, but we’re curious to see how this movement pans out.

Cathy Horyn on Fashion’s New Benchmark, Instagram’s Biggest Daredevils, and More of the News You Missed Today


Cathy Horyn on the commercialization of high fashion…
Are designers running out of ideas? Or are straightforward clothes just a sign of the times? “I suspect that many women are thrilled to find clothes that promise more wear, given the money they’re spending,” writes Horyn. [T]

New York’s Instagram outlaws…
NYC risk-takers are soaring to Instagram fame by snapping photos from difficult-to-access, restricted locations. Be it rooftop skyline shots or a sunrise view from the Brooklyn Bridge, their street photography is almost a competition, each photo seemingly more dangerous than the last. The only issue these daredevils face? Making sure they don’t get caught… [New York]

Gisele does it again…
Forbes has revealed its list of the 21 highest-paid models and it comes as no surprise that model mogul Gisele Bündchen has topped the list for the eighth year running. Cara Delevingne made the cut, but despite her many campaigns with fashion powerhouses like Mulberry, Burberry, and DKNY, she was still beaten out by her BFF Jourdan Dunn. Others on the list include Kate Upton, Miranda Kerr, and the legendary Kate Moss. [The Telegraph]

Is there a future for facekinis?
Carine Roitfeld just took the sun-smart movement to a whole new extreme with the introduction of the facekini. The sun protective face mask, which makes an appearance in a new CR Fashion Book shoot, is reportedly already big in China. It may have the Roitfeld seal of approval, but for now, we think we’ll stick to sunscreen and straw hats. [The Independent]

Val Kilmer, actor and artist…
Showcasing that he is a man of many talents, Val Kilmer is trying his hand at another form of creative expression. The former Batman actor is now selling his own hand-painted works of art on his website for upwards of $1,000 a pop. []

The Details on the National Twerking Championships, Taylor Swift Addresses Her Post-Gym Perfection, and More of the News You Missed Today


Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 1Today’s breaking news…
The U.K. just hosted its National Twerking Championships. The competition involved a rigorous round of freestyle dances, followed by a 45-segment for “tricks,” followed by rounds of “jiggle and pop,” “upside down,” “domination,” and a final Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” segment. We can only imagine what this entails. [Daily Mail]

Because regular heart rate monitors are so last year…
Fashion and tech’s latest gadget? Headphones that double as a heart rate monitor. This particular set of earbuds, a collaboration between Intel’s Biosport and SMS Audio Group (50 Cent and Carmelo Anthony’s firm), will be sold at retail outposts like Nordstrom and Kitson. [WWD]

Lara Stone’s new gig…
The model stars in the new Black Keys music video for “Weight of Love,” directed by Theo Wenner. She’s joined by models Lily McMenamy and Camille Rowe. Click the link to watch the full video. [Elle]

Finding your office om…
Apparently, it’s National Relaxation Day. If you, like us, are at the office, you can still find your Zen in your cubicle (according to HuffPo). Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…You get the picture. Click to read the full plan. [HuffPo]

Taylor Swift does try that hard at the gym…
The singer, who has been getting lots of media attention for her over-the-top post-gym looks, addressed it with Seth Meyers. “That is how everyone looks when they come out of the gym,” the singer said. “I just like to bring a change of clothes.” Who doesn’t like to work out in Prada? [New York]

Photo: NBC Universal via Getty Images

The Rise of Beefcake Yoga, Idris Elba on Rapping, and More of the News You Missed Today


idris-elba-harticle-sizedToday’s strange fitness trend…
Beefcake yoga is a real thing…seriously. All we’ll say is that it involves rock music and former World Wrestling Entertainment stars, and Lululemon is not recommended. Click to read the full story. [New York]

Idris Elba, star of Mandela film, on dropping beats…
We know him best for his role as Nelson Mandela, but actor Idris Elba also has a career as a DJ and, more unofficially, a rapper. In his new interview with Details, he reports that he and some of the cast members from HBO’s The Wire used to book studio time to record their rap sessions. [Details]

Summer’s most popular shoe…
Birkenstocks, duh. In case there was any question about that, a Birkenstock PR manager told NYT today, “It’s been an incredible summer, and for sure New York is leading the way.” But are we prepared to wear socks with our Birks when temps start to drop? [The New York Times]

State of men’s fashion in Iraq…
Not up on the fashion scene in Iraq? Neither are we. Luckily, Bullett magazine shared an enlightening dispatch today from Baghdad. What we learned: A man’s shoes and hair are the most important part of a man’s look. [Bullett]

In oddball news…
Snaks 5th Avenchew is in the doghouse with Saks Fifth Avenue. The puppy snack company reportedly received a cease-and-desist letter from the department store, asking that it change its name by Wednesday (yesterday). The owner of the high-end, hypoallergenic dog food company claims she will not change the name and that she meant it to be a compliment. [Reuters]

Photo: Mark Seliger / Details