July 30 2014

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match of the day


Show attendance dipped today, and it wasn’t because the weather was too nice to spend in the tents. Instead, attention shifted to Queens, where the U.S. Open’s most anticipated match—between three-time defending champion Roger Federer and third-seed Novak Djokovic—was underway. As some of the biggest names in fashion watched, Federer held onto his title for the fourth consecutive year. Today’s the last day of the Open, so we expect the tents to be full again tomorrow.

fresh from the factory


It was Art x Fashion last night as models marched down a polka-dot runway in the famed Gagosian Gallery to show off the Warhol Factory x Levi’s x Damien Hirst collection. Vincent Gallo, Zani Gugelmann, and Allison Sarofim were in the front row, while male and female Andy Warhol look-alikes in thick-frame black glasses showed off looks featuring reproductions of original works by Warhol and Hirst. “Having known Andy, it’s always funny to see he’s being used in ways that I think he’d get such a kick out of,” said André Balazs. “People keep reinterpreting Andy, and Damien just twisted it again. It’s more than fashion.” André’s favorite? “I liked the sparkling pants with the skulls.” Thankfully, those will ring up somewhere under $100 million.
Katie Hintz

cause and effect



Why are Vogue editors being followed by a young man with a large basket at the shows? No, they’re not offering towels for patting down damp brows, as one person suggested. They’re selling T-shirts and tank tops to benefit 7th on Sale, and to drum up interest in the November HIV and AIDS fundraiser. Did you buy yours yet? Tracy Reese did…and wore it to take her runway bow.
Nicole Phelps

Photo: Greg Kessler

alice in danceland


The legend continues. After a series of successful fashion show after-parties at her downtown loft-cum-showroom, Alice Temperley did not disappoint last night. The best part of this party was the dancing (no crowded floors here) and the eccentric collection of guests, this season spanning from skinny jeaned hipsters to evening gown-clad ladies making late arrivals after the Ralph Lauren dinner at the Central Park Conservatory. Among those who made the trip down to Broome Street were Vanity Fair‘s Elizabeth Saltzman Walker, Neiman Marcus’ Ken Downing, Armani’s Rod Manley, Jefferson Hack and Anouck Lepère, and a model contingent that included Jacquetta Wheeler, Lisa Cant, and Gemma Ward, the last of whom clocked in at nearly six-and-a-half feet with her gigantic heels. “It gets better and better, and wilder and wilder, every year,” Alice’s husband and CEO Lars von Bennigsen said from his position behind the DJ booth. “But you have to be careful in here. You lose track of the time, and we don’t necessarily close at 4 a.m. like any old average club.” We weren’t there that long, but expect more than one editor or model with a tired expression today.
Derek Blasberg

airport ’07


As fashion week hits its midway point, the temperature and humidity rise, and late starts become the norm, even the most keen are wilting. Miranda July, looking slightly dazed at the air-conditioning-free Rodarte show on Saturday afternoon, summed up the general vibe succinctly. “It’s like an airport,” she said. “All these people milling around waiting to get on a flight.” When asked if it felt like we were going anywhere, July paused, then answered, “No.”

Nancy MacDonell