July 29 2014

styledotcom Nothing but funny (bunny) business in Cara's new Topshop campaign:

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miller time


While many may begrudge Sienna Miller her career, personal style, and roster of male arm candy, it’s a safe bet that her nonstop schedule doesn’t excite quite the same envy. But while the actress was in glamorous form last night at the Bergdorf Goodman bash to celebrate Twenty8Twelve, the clothing line she designs with her sister Savannah, her post-party plans were far more intimate: dinner with mum Jo.
Derek Blasberg

tee time


Following a swanky do at Manhattan’s Socialista Tuesday evening in her honor, last night Alek Wek celebrated the publication of her new memoir in a decidedly more populist manner: a Q&A at the Chelsea Barnes & Noble. Alek: From Sudanese Refugee to International Supermodel chronicles Wek’s flight from her war-torn African village to life in the U.K., where the then 19-year-old was discovered at a London street fair. As for the journey across the Atlantic, Wek dreamt big and packed light. “I don’t like regrets, so I said I’d at least go try over there. I literally came with just a small bag, kind of like when I came to England.” Though she sported a slim-fitting black blazer and white top during the talk, Wek conceded that her sartorial tastes may have been initially lacking. Her first New York purchase? “One of those seventies shirts for $2 from a shop on Avenue A.”
Sarah Fones

have flats, will party



Since it’s almost expected that a designer will messenger some loaners as enticement for a social appearance, it was a near shock when Estée Lauder face Liya Kebede showed up at last night’s Repetto in-store opening at the Earnest Sewn shop in the Meatpacking District with—get this—a pair of Repetto flats from her own closet. Eleanor Ylvisaker, the denim company’s PR director, was duly impressed. Then the leggy goodwill ambassador spotted Ylvisaker’s own patent leather stiletto ankle boots from the French brand’s revamped line. We’re guessing the supermodel will be adding to her Repetto collection soon.
Derek Blasberg

Photo: Duffy-Marie Arnoult/

fashion’s hardest-working heiress?



Margherita Missoni didn’t let a little thing like a taxi strike prevent her uptown/crosstown/all-over-town travels last night. The heiress hit no less than nine events: the ADAM show, the Marchesa presentation, Sue Stemp’s show at the Maritime Hotel, Sienna Miller’s party at Bergdorf Goodman, Nina Garcia’s book launch at Socialista, the Repetto party at Earnest Sewn, the Debbie Harry concert at the MoMA, and a final stop to see the Virgins perform at Bungalow 8. Asked if this is anything like her Milan schedule, she chortled: “Are you kidding me? It’s nothing like this—a dozen parties is outrageous! At home, we do the show and then a dinner. Much easier.” She’s not slowing down tonight either, when she moves from guest to hostess, throwing a dinner for friend Rachel Zoe’s new book at Socialista.
Derek Blasberg


top gunn



Tomorrow marks the debut of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style on Bravo. Just in time for his launch party tonight at the Soho Grand, we caught up with the Project Runway star and Parsons alum about his latest reality endeavor.

What’s your show about?
It’s a new interpretation of a makeover show. These people contact us and say, "I need help, I’m in a fashion rut." Veronica Webb and I arrive at their house—we’ve given them about 20 minutes of warning. We review what she’s currently wearing, then have a whole excavation of her closet. Then we really disarm our subject by having Veronica declare that she wants to go through her underwear drawer. The point of that is really to say we can’t fix the outside unless the infrastructure is good. Among these eight women, not a single solitary one of them has been wearing the right bra size. Veronica takes the subject underwear shopping, and they get it right.

At this point, what are you doing? Strolling the men’s section?
I’m not there at all. Veronica and the subject are alone, and they head off to Macy’s to find the ten essential items that I think every woman should have. I surprise her later that day in the dressing room, and then we all hit the retail floor together. We look and see what we can find. At the end of the day, we’ve done it. I’m making it sound simplistic, but it’s agonizing. It’s incredibly hard work.

What else?
Then I have a big surprise, which is to take her to a high-end designer and have her try on that designer’s clothes and really have that moment of engagement with the person who created the dress or whatever. It’s magical for her. She really feels special. And it’s something that I’m thrilled to do.

Will you be rating the styles of people at the party?
I only do that if asked. I had a psychic tell me that the third eye takes a horrible toll on her because she can’t sift out whatever it is she’s getting from people around her. She said, “If I’m in the grocery store and I’m sensing something from the woman next to me squeezing tomatoes, do I say to her, ‘Don’t go home now, go to the movies and go home later.’? She’ll think I’m crazy." I would be the same way if I were in constant evaluation of people’s clothes on the street. It would drive me nuts.

I was wondering where you were going with that.
That’s where I was going. I have to screen it out, or else I’d be handing people little note cards saying "Think about the length of that skirt." Unless it was a dear friend of mine and I could talk to them privately—I would simply say to them, "You know something, if that’s the look you wanted, you sure have a good one." It’s a line I stole from I Love Lucy.
Sarah Cristobal

Photo: Djamilla Rosa Cochran/