August 22 2014

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Ghesquière is Back on the Map


Or the cover, at least. The designer kept a low profile after departing Balenciaga in November (save his much-buzzed-about emergence in the twittersphere in December). But earlier this month, he was revealed as the star of System magazine’s debut issue, and today WWD reports that along with his muse Charlotte Gainsbourg, Ghesquière will cover the latest edition of German magazine 032c. “I may be putting myself in danger, but that’s what I want these days,” the designer told 032c when discussing his future plans—which are still unconfirmed but are rumored to involve an eponymous range. “I enjoyed years of extreme comfort at Balenciaga. It’s fantastic to harvest that status to explore in new ways, rather than sticking to a routine, even if it was the most comfortable and incredible, I couldn’t be in a better position.” 032c hits newsstands on Tuesday.

Photo: via 032c

Shopping Down To The Wire


The clock is ticking. You’ve read umpteen gift guides (maybe umpteen million), made your list, checked it twice, and still, if you’re anything like us, you are a few presents short. There’s still time if you race. Here’s what we at are coveting to give and get—and racing out of the office a few minutes early this afternoon to scoop up in the last shopping hours before the big day.

I’m in home mood, so anything and everything for the my home is what I’m looking for: cool vases from Kelly Wearstler or Aerin, candy dishes by Alexandra von Furstenberg, or this super luxe large candle by Diptyque.—Marina Larroude, market director

“This year I’m all about books. I’m giving people first editions—for instance, I found a not-that-expensive copy of Cecil Beaton’s 1937 scrapbook, signed, in great condition. For myself, I’d love almost any book from the LN-CC collection; top of the list is A Series of Unfortunate Events, Michael Wolf’s book of Google street-view photos, and Roxane by Viviane Sassen.—Maya Singer, special projects editor

“I’ve been eyeing Lanvin’s Eyes and Mouth chain-link necklace for months. I’m on a surreal kick at the moment and have developed a deep appreciation for accessories that walk the line between brilliant and bizarre.”—Katharine Zarrella, associate news editor

“I would love to receive this beautiful Pierre Balmain studded sandal to rock to my holiday party!”—Jocelyn Lin, web designer

“I need a new wallet really badly. I’ve been using my favorite color-blocked Comme des Garçons coin case for the past year—and I love it—but it’s ridiculous how long it takes me to find things in there. When I first saw this Proenza Schouler wallet in the window of the store on Madison Avenue, I knew I found my match.—Jessica Minkoff, assistant editor

“One of my pet peeves is IOUs on big gift-giving days: Your present didn’t get delivered yet, they were out of your size so I backordered, blah blah blah. Unless the delayed gratification is part of the point. That’s why I love giving subscriptions as gifts—Cook’s Illustrated, the New York Review of Books, 032c, Port… Disbelieve all rumors that print is dead. And not only is gifting subscriptions a nice way to bolster the trembling print media industry, but doing so also accommodates procrastinators like myself. No one knows I gave up the search and bought the gift morning of. And no one has to.”—Matthew Schneier, deputy editor

Photos: Courtesy Photo

Reigning Supreme


Supreme, James Jebbia’s adored skate and skatewear brand, is having a moment—again. I say so with hesitation and trepidation, since the very concept of “having a moment” (the faddishness, the transitoriness, the triviality) is one that Jebbia most likely loathes, and has worked hard during the entire existence of Supreme to avoid. Supreme doesn’t court press, celebrities, or global ubiquity. (That may be exactly the reason that the likes of Kate Moss, Lou Reed, and Kermit the Frog have all signed on to be in its guerrilla ad campaigns.) But whether Jebbia would like it or not, Supreme does seem to be making news again, with the Times weighing in recently on its durable merits and the new issue of Britain’s GQ Style calling it “the coolest streetwear brand in the world right now.”

Arguably all of those publications are merely trailing in the wake of the much-loved Berlin biannual 032c, which published its own history of Supreme last year. But rather than dwell on (or stew in) its preeminence on the subject, the magazine instead took another step forward, organizing an exhibition of sorts in the eight-meter, Konstantin Grcic-designed vitrine that’s housed in its editorial office. In the past, that vitrine has been dedicated to showing the work of 032c collaborators like Juergen Teller, Helmut Lang, and Tate Modern director Chris Dercon; now it’s given over to the artist-collaboration skate decks Supreme has created over the year, with people like Takashi Murakami, Christopher Wool, Harmony Korine, and Damien Hirst. “It made perfect sense to invite Supreme, which has created an incredible mythology, to exhibit their series of artist collaborations, a project that has been going on now for over a decade,” 032c‘s Joerg Koch says. “The skate decks are a systematic approach to the relationship between art, consumerism, and hype.” The magazine’s own systematic approach to commemorating this particular relationship between art and hype was a more traditional one: a raging party. Continue Reading “Reigning Supreme” »

helmut lang in berlin


For his legion of fans, the day that Helmut Lang hung up his designer’s hat was one of fashion’s saddest. If you get to Berlin by October 11, however, you can take a trip down memory lane, with the first-ever exhibition of Lang’s digitized archive in 032c’s Museum Store. Three thousand of the 10,000 items that have been photographed were spliced into a video, documenting how his design aesthetic evolved over a nearly 20-year career. The effort is just one aspect of what Lang has been up to since stepping down in 2005—last month saw the opening of his first institutional solo art exhibition, Alles Gleich Schwer, at Hannover’s Kestnergesellschaft, another reason to make a pilgrimage to Germany this fall to bear witness to one of the world’s most moving minimalists.