August 20 2014

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Enjoy Coca-Cola x Nigo


Nigo, the Japanese designer behind A Bathing Ape and Human Made, had a prized red leather Coca-Cola jacket as a kid. “Coca-Cola has been an inspiration of mine since I was a boy [in the eighties] and got in on the Coca-Cola yo-yo craze,” he said. Now he’s translating that fondness for “the real thing” into a capsule collection. Launched in collaboration with the soft-drink company and the Japanese retailer Beams, the collection takes inspiration from early twentieth-century workwear and features a sweatshirt, a coverall jacket, a work shirt, T-shirts, and jodhpurs stamped with the company’s logo—the 1910 vintage. And in the name of historical authenticity, the pieces are sewn with the traditional stitches of the era.

Coca-Cola x Human Made x Beams is available in the U.S. at RSVP Gallery and online at

The Carnaval Is Coming To Town


Native Parisians have had their hands (and streets) full this week during the Paris collections, when a tide of editors, stylists, celebrities, and assorted hangers-on flooded into town for the shows. The season wraps up today, and when the pros head home, the Parisians will have a reward to look forward to: the epic, 15th anniversary Carnaval that Colette is setting up in the Tuileries, the first branded, public event ever held in the gardens. Barring a private party on Saturday night, the full slate of booths, games, and activities is open to one and all. The participants include:

—A.P.C., which will shoot you into its new ad campaign
—Maison Michel, which is bringing a photo booth, and hats to wear into it
—Olympia Le-Tan, who will take your temperature with her pharmacy-kit purses
—Nike, which is setting up a basketball court for three-on-three games
— Carhartt, which is organizing a rifle-shooting stand
— A Bathing Ape, which is creating a kiddie pool
— Ladurée, which is cooking up a custom candy-floss-flavored macaron for the occasion
— Darcel (above), the dour blog icon (and contributor), who is creating custom merchandise for the occasion, and more.

To get the full details, visit

Photo: Courtesy of Colette