July 25 2014

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Guy On Girl


The tomboy trend that we picked up on at the Fall shows is still going strong for Resort. Witness the Marni look, left. So, we thought, why not send a few of the most fashionable women we know on an inspiration-seeking mission at the men’s Spring 2010 shows? Comme des Garçons was popular and Adam Kimmel got a pair of shout-outs, too. Click to see the rest of their favorite finds.

Photo: Courtesy of Marni

Exclusive: Getting Bullish With Meredith Danluck, The Artist Behind Adam Kimmel’s Spring 2010 Video


From Mickey Mouse to the Marlboro Man, the good old U.S. of A. treasures its icons. Artist and filmmaker Meredith Danluck has built her work around plumbing the depths of these American dreams, though not to puncture and deflate. “I think [my work] is coming to a place that’s in between myth and reality,” says Danluck. “To me, breaking down the entire thing and just showing reality is not as interesting. I think we want to keep some of that magic in our lives.” Her last solo show was a 12-minute short called Michael Jackson, Jesus Christ…Coca-Cola for which she met the King of Pop himself (more on that below). But her most recent subject is the American West, explored in her first full-length film, a documentary called The Ride, and a photo series called “Drinkability,” both the result of spending a year with bona fide, modern cowboys. While Danluck is working on getting The Ride into theaters, you can see “Drinkability” at the Renwick Gallery in Tribeca until July 31. And screening today at Adam Kimmel’s menswear presentation in Paris—and exclusively on—is a video she created in collaboration with Kimmel and curator Neville Wakefield called The Cowboy in the Continental Suit, featuring champion bull rider Rocky McDonald. It’s the second in a trilogy of videos produced by the duo that shows men donning some very nice threads to engage in risky activities. (The first, by Ari Marcopoulos, follows two skaters in powder blue Kimmel suits going down a hill at about 60 mph). Here, Danluck talks to about the power of a suit, the beauty of Americana, and the trauma of 30 seconds with Jacko.

A guy riding a bull in a tuxedo isn’t something you see every day. Where did the idea come from?
Neville Wakefield is a good friend and has been involved in this film that I just completed. He’s been seeing pictures from that and listening to me talk about it for years. He talked about the other projects like Ari’s and we talked about contextualizing fear in this way. When a man is in a suit, it’s some form of power. So you’re putting these men in these scary situations, but the suit throws off the element of fear a little bit. It was just the natural choice. If someone’s going to bomb a hill in a suit, then Rocky’s going to get on a bull in a tux.

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Why Being Boy-Crazy Isn’t Always Bad


Is it just me, or is fashion going mad for men in so many ways? YSL Unisex debuts in stores soon and Chloë Sevigny is following up her ballyhooed Opening Ceremony range with a unisex collection of her own. Then, a whole spate of womenswear designers have launched men’s collections (Balmain, Gareth Pugh) or announced plans to do so (Alexander Wang), and a host of menswear brands have either launched collections for women (Nice Collective) or announced plans to do so (Tim Hamilton). Meanwhile, eagle-eyed style spotters at last Thursday’s Adam Kimmel presentation in Paris saw Camille Bidault-Waddington sporting one of the menswear designer’s signature jumpsuits. What gives? “I think women love the quality of well-made menswear,” offers Kimmel, who claims a devoted female fan base. “Men’s tailoring on suits and outerwear is unbeatable, and women sometimes want something a little looser, and more durable and comfortable, without having to give up any of the refinement.” That said, Kimmel suggests that a bit of styling finesse is required, in order to femme up a menswear look. His advice: Start with a well-placed belt and a great pair of heels. “It’s also important to roll sleeves up,” he adds, “flip up collars, and unbutton shirts down to show a little skin.” In other words: Just because you shop like a man, it doesn’t mean you have to look like one, too.

Blasblog From Paris: If It’s Lundi, It Must Be Le Baron


I’m going to say it right now: If I’m at Le Baron every night this week, I’m going to lose all self-respect. (Not that I had that much to begin with.) But for some reason—and I can assure you it’s not the space or the clean bathrooms—it seems every time I’m in Paris I end up at this one venue on a nightly basis. Sunday night was for Gareth Pugh, and last night was for Waris’ jewelry launch at Colette—which means I’m two for two so far this week. I figured I might as well ask André, the mono-monikered owner and omnipresent character of Le Baron (and occasionally, later in the night, of Regine’s, too), why this was. “I would like to think it’s because of me,” he said. “Actually, that is what I’m going to say. It’s because of me.” Although he was kidding—the sly Frenchman—he did a have a point. He’s pictured here with Lou Doillon, and there’s probably not many people who the French beauty would let take a Sharpie to her shoulder. Later in the night, though, when APC founder/designer Jean Touitou showed up, André agreed that I wasn’t the only one with a Baron fetish. “This is my favorite designer in the world,” he said of Touitou, while tugging on the side of his APC jeans. “He never goes out and even he is here.” Put him on the list that included Leelee Sobieski, Adam Kimmel, Casey Spooner, Olivier Zahm, Liz Goldwyn, and Wes Anderson—and you’ve got just another night at the local.

Photo: Derek Blasberg