August 20 2014

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2 posts tagged "Adeline Adeline"

On The Bike Path With Kate Spade


Seems to us it’s a golden age of girls on bikes. Stylish ladies from Catherine Baba and Sally Singer down to everyday girls on the street (at least if the street-style photogs are to be believed) are zipping around—in skirts and heels, naturally—on their single speeds. Now Kate Spade New York is getting in on the action. The label has collaborated with Tribeca bicycle boutique Adeline Adeline on a limited-edition model, hand-crafted in Italy by Abici, with a signature Kate Spade New York grass green frame and a Brooks leather saddle ($1,100). “It’s about being able to just get on your bike and go,” Adeline Adeline owner Julie Hirschfeld said of its no-nonsense appeal at the launch party last night. “It doesn’t have to be overly geared out or complicated.”

Hirschfeld founded her shop to finally offer women chic accessories for their bikes, and here, too, Spade was ready to help. The label updated two of its classic handbags with cycle-friendly features: The Essex Scout satchel now has clips for handle bars, and the Bay Street Quinn tote gets hooks to attach to a rear bike rack. Alas, a solution to the ugly helmet problem has yet to be discovered.

Photo: Lucas Flores Piran

A New Shop Celebrates Life In The Bike Lane


“Living room worthy” is how graphic designer Julie Hirschfeld describes the bikes she carries in Adeline Adeline, her two-wheel boutique. With a designer’s eye for aesthetics (and an urban commuter’s need for a bike simple enough for streets-and-sidewalks navigation), she’s stocked her shop with the best city bikes the world has to offer—which means plenty of stylish options from England, Germany, Holland, Italy, and, representing the lone U.S. option, Venice, CA. A city bike “is simple—it’s kind of like a vintage Schwinn,” Hirschfeld says. Her stock ranges from affordable (the Californian Linus bikes, starting at $380) to investment-quality (the $2,000 Biomega, engineered by an industrial designer), any of which can be taken for a test spin around the neighborhood. In between, there’s a range of options, including our favorite, the sleek Italian Abici (the one Hirschfeld herself reaches for most often). Adeline Adeline will also carry accessories, from bells to exclusive bags (one, we hear, designed by a certain avant-garde New York design collective). And while Hirschfeld originally conceived of the store as being specifically for women—NYC’s first ladies-only gear shop—she’s already had enough demand from guys to cater to them, too. Everyone can appreciate a stylish bike, it turns out—including Stylesightings‘ Pete Miszuk and stylist (and contributor) Julie Ragolia, who’ll host the opening bash later this month.

Photo: Colin Miller