August 30 2014

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Alexander Lewis Does His Thing for Fall


Alexander Lewis does things his own way. Since launching his label two years ago, the London-based designer has exclusively shown Pre-Fall and Resort collections. And now, as he debuts his first main season outing, Lewis is doing things his own way again: His Fall ’14 collection is a riff on the one he created for Pre, featuring a selection of the same silhouettes but given fresh elaboration courtesy of the artist Marie Angeletti. Her modus operandi is to photograph (and mess with) found images as a means of reframing them. For Lewis’ collection, she delivered images such as a photo taken of a heavily tattooed middle-age woman in a tailored suit, which turned out to be a figure in a German waxwork museum. Lewis then translated Angeletti’s work into textiles that he used to refresh—or reframe, if you will—his looks from Pre-Fall. According to Lewis, his plan going forward is to treat his Spring and Fall collections as a laboratory for these kinds of ideas, at least until he decides it’s time to create main collections in earnest. Which he’ll do his own way, no doubt.

See Lewis’ entire Fall ’14 collection in his film, above.

Brazil, By Way Of Britain


Raf Simons and Hedi Slimane’s new jobs sparked a flurry of conjecture about the impact on women’s fashion of designers who’d made their rep in menswear. And it’s not likely to die down any time soon because there are plenty more men’s designers waiting to cross over. Like Alexander Lewis, who trained as a pattern cutter on Savile Row (he worked at E. Tautz before going solo) but has chosen to launch his own business with a Resort collection for women. His name scarcely broadcasts Brazil, but that is, in fact, his family background, and his first collection is inspired by his girlfriends who may live in London or New York but who maintain a Brazilian nonchalance about the way they dress. “They mix the city, the beach and something from their boyfriends,” Lewis explains. That might mean a skirt with shirt-tails, or a swingy little crochet top that could go with shorts or a bikini, or an item Lewis calls a beach coat (though it’s a little luxe to expose to sand and salt water). Brazil makes its presence felt in some of the designer’s techniques, particularly that crochet, and a silk woven inspired by the way that straw is woven in Brazilian furniture. But there’s nothing geographical about Lewis’s pragmatism. “I know exactly what I wanted to do,” he says. “I decided to focus on pre-collections for the first few seasons, because they’re a little more commercial, and I don’t have to do a show. And also, I see what I do as situational, rather than seasonal.” The situation being, in his case, both his family’s beach house in Bahia, and his own stomping ground in London. Bold to try and bring the two together.

Photo: Courtesy of Alexander Lewis