August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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Jeweler, Jeweler, How Does Your Garden Grow?


24 karat? Try 24 carrot. Launched two seasons ago, Alexandra Moosally’s fine jewelry line has everything from dainty rose gold and black diamond bangles to statement-making cocktail rings. But her most delectable baubles are her veggie charms and pendants—like yellow-diamond lemons, gold and diamond artichokes, cherries, and, of course, carrots. “I’m really inspired by the things that I come into contact with every day, and food is definitely one of those things!” laughs the designer.

Moosally’s evil-eye bracelets—which are crafted from precious stones and strung on playful neon nylon bands, are another signature and feature in her new capsule collection for Barneys New York. Available now, the collection ranges from $300 to $1,600—a steal compared to her main line wares, which run up to $9,000. “I want to make my jewelry accessible to all women; that’s why I work with so many different price points,” says Moosally. Also included in the capsule is a diamond-embellished apple. “It’s representative of New York,” she says. Fitting, considering Moosally produces 60 percent of her wares in the great borough of Manhattan. It would seem that Moosally’s playful food motifs stem from an NYC fad, too. “I’ve been watching this whole foodie movement grow over the past few years and I just love it.”

Photo: Courtesy of Alexandra Moosally