August 20 2014

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1 posts tagged "Alexandra Verschueren"

Hyères’ Paper Tiger, What They Wished For Before They Walked, And More…


The French fashion festival in Hyères wrapped up this weekend, with Belgian Alexandra Verschueren taking the top prize for her creations made out of paper and papery fabrics. “I don’t even introduce myself as a designer,” she said. Well, maybe time to think about starting. [Hint Mag]

Industrious model/blogger Imogen Morris Clarke (pictured) polled her mannequin friends to find out what they wanted to be when they grew up. The results range from grocer (Kasia Struss) to volcanologist (Sigrid Agren)… [Poison Dart via Racked]

…but, amazingly, no one said they’d wanted to be a multi-platform lifestyle guru with both prison time and a successful TV show under her belt. Well, that job’s taken by former model Martha Stewart, whose early-sixties modeling shots have hit the Web. [Styleite]

Haute eighties designer (and current Beyoncé costumer) Thierry Mugler would really like for you to see him naked. [NYT]

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