August 30 2014

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Marina’s Must-Haves: Alison Lou’s Emoticon Pendants


Allison Lou

Everyone who knows me well is aware that I’m a cheerful, expressive person. You might say it’s the Brazilian blood in me. I met with Alison Lou designer Alison Chemla, a stylish New York-based jewelry designer, a few weeks ago, and loved her work—probably because it’s all based on feelings and the language of emoticons. Her collection of pendants includes the Angry Face and the Party Animal, as well as the Cry Baby, and so on. The Love Struck face, with red enamel heart eyes, and the Happy Face are my favorites. I’d like to think that they’re lucky charms that will bring happiness 24/7, or that they can serve as a reminder to be joyful at all times.

Alison Lou medium pendant necklaces, $790 each, Buy them now.

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Alison Lou’s Animal Magnetism


Snake necklace by Alison LouAlison Lou's monkey jewelsWhen it comes to jewelry, Alison Chemla has a creative “emoji-nation.” The designer’s debut Alison Lou range (she goes by her middle name for business) of playful 14-karat gold pendant necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings featuring smiley face emoticons was swiftly scooped up by top retailers including Fivestory, The Webster, and Luisa Via Roma. Chemla continued to incorporate irreverent iconography with her second collection, inspired by animals. Its accompanying lookbook, which was modeled by real-life monkeys, cockatoos, and snakes, debuts here on “I think that it’s funny that people don’t talk on the phone anymore, but we still communicate our feelings through text messaging and emojis,” Chemla explained. Highlights from the new lineup include a trio of stackable monkey rings representing the proverb “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” as well as mix-and-match “Queen Bee” studs and a rhodium-plated “Forbidden Fruit” necklace. While many of her pieces seem designated for those plugged-in millennials who might say “LOL” out loud, Chemla claims that she has fans of all ages. “Everyone assumes my customers are all in their early twenties,” she says, “but in reality, I have 90-year-olds wearing my cocktail rings.” That likely has something to do with the aspirational price point, which opens with singular studs (from $385) and caps off with a honeycomb bracelet laden with black and yellow diamonds (for upwards of $10,000).

Photos: Courtesy of Alison Lou

Smiley Face! Alison Lou Takes to Instagram


Alison Lou's Instagram collection

It doesn’t surprise us that Alison Chemla—the 25-year-old designer behind the wearable gold, diamond, and ruby iterations of our favorite emoticons—has some social media savvy. And tomorrow, Chemla, who designs under the name Alison Lou, will be capitalizing on her digital prowess with a new collection to be sold—you guessed it—via Instagram. “I have a lot of followers [5,990, to be exact], and I’ve been getting tons of inquiries about where [my jewelry] is available online, so I thought it would be a good idea to do a tiny capsule,” explains the New York–based designer. The line, which features double-sided pendants with Party Animal, Furious, CryBaby, and Bashful emoticons, as well a face with a wagging red tongue, is crafted from enamel and 14-karat gold. Two emoji styles—a hand making an OK symbol and one flipping the bird—are also included in the online oeuvre, and the pieces start at $300 (a decidedly accessible price point in comparison to her fine jewelry line).

Chemla, who favors “crying” and “heart eye” faces in her digital communications, hinted that her upcoming Spring ’14 collection will be a departure from last season’s emoticon debut. “I want to go into fine jewelry a little bit more and explore some other ideas that I’ve had,” she says. No frown-y faces, though. Chemla assures that her emoticon wares will remain as a signature range and she’ll offer a series of fresh symbols, as well as tried-and-true expressions, each season.

Alison Lou’s new capsule is available now via her Instagram and at

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