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Caution: This Loewe Bag May Explode


The short film that Hollywood special effects expert James Lima shot for Loewe’s Amazona bag, which turned 35 years old in 2010, begins like any other advertisement for a highly prized luxury good: with a gorgeous girl, in this case Ana Beatriz Barros, caressing its supple leather and clutching it to her like a lover. But Blow Up is different. “James and I talked about deconstructing the Amazona, taking it apart piece by piece, and showing the 12 hours of work [that goes into the making of it], but in reverse and in a bold, provocative way,” Loewe’s Stuart Vevers told “That’s where the idea of exploding bags came from.” Lima has plenty of experience blowing things up, having worked as a concept artist on Avatar, Spider-Man, and Starship Troopers, and he put it to good use in this video, which was styled by Katie Grand, and which is premiering exclusively. Spoiler alert: “For one shot I wanted the bag to levitate and then tumble—you have to place the explosives asymmetrically inside it to achieve that,” Lima explained. “Another explodes into little stars, because we used the same technology that made the Death Star explode in Star Wars. Then I wanted the ‘Brain Fire’ effect used in Backdraft, so that the bag doesn’t explode but emits a plume of fire, like dragon’s breath.” Watch the clip to see it all in action.