August 28 2014

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Blasblog: Dueling Parties In The Meatpacking


In New York, location is everything. And that doesn’t just go for residential real estate. Manhattan’s chic set was very happy to discover that last night’s grand opening of the Griffin nightclub on Gansevoort Street was a mere stone’s throw from The Standard, André Balazs’ newest Manhattan venture, which played venue to the birthday party that Daphne Guinness was throwing for her friend, the photographer Steven Klein. That way, people like me (who are terrified to miss anything) could easily navigate between the two. First up was Klein’s birthday, which was not the easiest to get to: Partygoers had to take the fire escape up four stories, walk past a floor of hotel rooms, then take an elevator down one floor to the conference area. “I bet this was Madonna’s idea,” Kelly Klein teased. “She’s the only one who could handle this without breaking into a sweat.” (I took two rest stops and asked for Gatorade when I got to the bar, but settled for Red Bull.) The climb, however, was worth it: Standing at the top of the stairs was Ms. Guinness herself, in one of Olivier Theyksens’ out-of-this-world confections from his last collection with Nina Ricci. She was in those infamous platforms, too, of course; I was early to the party, and she told me she had already fallen once. “This was just a brown room,” Guinness explained of the decor, “so we had to pep it up a little bit.” Dance floor, mirrored walls and bars, and black leather couches? Check, check, check. She also did a little pepping up of the wait staff, hiring handsome boys and putting them in black eyeliner and tight, tight trousers. Just after the birthday surprise—more boys and doors parting to reveal another room—I made my way to the Griffin for the opening party I was supposed to be hosting with Amy Sacco, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, and Sophia Hesketh. The Griffin is a proper nightclub, one with loud music, lots of booths, and bottle service. Sting stopped by, Giambattista Valli came straight form the airport, Dr. Lisa Airan (in Valli) came from the Cartier dinner, and who knows where Salman Rushdie came from. “We’re partying like it’s 1999,” someone yelled. “But literally, like it’s 1999.” For the record, in 1999 I was driving my father’s Suburban around St. Louis, Missouri, but I got the point: There was definitely an old-school rave feeling to the festivities. “Or is it Vegas?” Rachel Zoe asked. Regardless, when the night got late, everyone was ready to retire. Kate Hudson, still wearing her Cartier finest, put it best: “I got to put these diamonds to bed.”

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Blasblog: Sean Avery, Revisited


This blog has done its part to document sometime New York Ranger Sean Avery’s dalliances in the fashion world (about which the Times delved into on Sunday). But what few people have noticed is that while Avery has dabbled in our world (a Vogue internship, presenting an award to his new buddy Vera Wang), more than a few stylish girls have crossed into his universe, too. This was clear at Monday night’s hockey game at Madison Square Garden. Bear with me, as I’m not too up-to-date on the hockey stats, but this was apparently a big game, as the Rangers were playing the New Jersey Devils, and the handsome Brendan Shanahan, a former Ranger, was on the opposing team. The crowd in the VIP lounge looked like the front row at a Marc Jacobs show (pre-recession, I mean): Justin Bateman, Chloë Sevigny, Barbara Bush, Selita Ebanks, Will Arnett, Amy Sacco, and Catherine Keener were all in attendance, the last of whom had just gotten off a plane from L.A.—”I’m not gonna miss a Rangers game,” Keener enthused. It’s fitting that diehard fashion fan Sevigny (that’s her on the right, with Jen Brill, Carrie Imberman, and V magazine’s Karin Nelson) would be equally diehard for Avery. In the third period, when the Rangers were up 3-0 (which was the final score) and the hockey hothead was put in the penalty box for roughhousing, she led her section in a round of boos. Meanwhile, when the young designer Prabal Gurung shouted, “He had better work!” after the Rangers scored a goal, the rest of the crowd seemed confused by the lingo but pleased by the spirit.



Photo: Derek Blasberg


blasblog at frieze: official after hours: automat


Starting last week, there has been talk about which London haunt would be the unofficial go-to destination for Frieze. Would it be Amy Sacco‘s Bungalow 8? (It could be, as Sacco is in town, often on the arm of Eva Mendes.) Would it be somewhere in East London, where all the cool kids hang out? Or, hell, would it be the Shadow Lounge, a sparkly jewel of a gay club in Soho? Well, if Wednesday night was any indication, it might just be the restaurant-by-day/super Euro-social dance haunt-by-night Automat on Dover Street in Mayfair. Dan Macmillan, Alexia Niedzielski, Tyrone Wood, Dan May, Eugenie Niarchos, Dasha Zhukova, and Barbara Wilhelm filed down into its wood-and-leather basement to engage in activities that I probably shouldn’t describe if I want to be allowed back (they ain’t legal, guys). I’m sure by tomorrow night a few things will change—there wasn’t a doorman or a secret knock last night, so any old Tom, Dick, or Gagosian could walk in, and some of the furniture will need to be replaced since someone, presumably accidentally, stomped a stiletto through one of the glass tables—but it still seems that Automat is winning for hottest nightspot right now. But don’t worry that you’ll miss out on new developments: I’m following this story closely.


hunting treasure in london


You know it’s going to be a strange night when the party starts with the appearance of a giant white Samoyed, a live snake, and a five-foot-tall stuffed unicorn. Those were some of the goodies found at a treasure hunt hosted by Boucheron to celebrate its 150-year anniversary in London last night. Guests such as Amy Sacco, Matthew Williamson, Graeme Black, Alexandra Shulman, and Daphne Guinness were sent out in chauffered limos with cards bearing words such as “enchanting” or “curious.” Their mission: to come back with an item that best represented their word. Sound naff? Well, the incentive was pretty enticing: Each member of the winning team—Brit actress Rosamund Pike and Boucheron CEO Jean-Christophe Bédos acted as judges—received the mother of all prizes, a sumptuous piece of jewelry from Boucheron worth £25,000 (about $43,400). No wonder the winning Team Sacco was grinning broadly from ear to ear at night’s end.

Photo: Richard Young

helena christensen cans it


Some people go to parties to get trashed; others, to get trash cans. Feel free to include Rachel Roy, Amy Sacco, Julianna Moore, Celerie Kemble, and Andrew Saffir among the latter. Last night, they and several starry others accepted host Helena Christensen‘s invitation to attend the VIPP Charity Auction at the Winston Wächter Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea. VIPP, for reference, is the Danish maker of high-end garbage cans, and as Christensen explained, every so often they ring up some notables, have them customize a bin or two, and auction them off for charity. “I told them I’d love to host one of the auctions, so long as I could pick the charities that would benefit,” she recalled. “I’ve been working with both the Food Bank for New York City and the Chernobyl Children’s Project for a while now, so…” The event turned out to be something of a Christensen family affair—as well as showing up with new beau Paul Banks (of Interpol fame) in tow, the model/photographer had dragooned friends such as Michael Stipe and Christy Turlington Burns into working up one VIPP bin each. But the evening’s capstone was set by the auction on a can customized by Christensen’s pal Bono: The VIPP scrawled with lyrics off U2′s forthcoming record went for a cool $30,000. Talk about elegantly wasted.

Photo: Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks