August 21 2014

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Plugged In: High Tech Fashion at The Museum at FIT


When side by side, the words fashion and technology oft conjure images of barely wearable ensembles destined for Lady Gaga. But at the Museum at FIT’s latest exhibition, Fashion and Technology, which opened yesterday, co-curators Ariele Elia and Emma McClendon reveal that technology is a crucial part of our ordinary wares. Spanning 250 years of innovation, the show covers such everyday inventions as the washing machine, rayon, and the zipper. But that’s not to say it’s without sci-fi novelties. For instance, there are jazzy space race-era looks by the likes of Pierre Cardin and Emilio Pucci. Also on display are garments by André Courrèges, who, convinced that space would soon become a hot holiday destination, developed an entire intergalactic wardrobe, complete with a sleek PVC helmet and moon boots.

However, as Diane von Furstenberg notes in a video playing at the exhibition, “Things we thought would be sci-fi exist.” Case in point, von Furstenberg’s Spring ’13 collaboration with Google Glass. Of course, she’s not the only Internet-savvy designer. In 1996, Jean Paul Gaultier created a cyberspace-inspired jumpsuit (pictured above). And don’t even get us started on social media’s fashion influence. Remember the frenzy Burberry caused when it released its Spring ’12 collection on Twitter before it hit the runway?

Perhaps most high-tech is the exhibition’s tiny LilyPad Arduino circuit board, which, when sewn into clothing, is pretty much a wearable computer. “You first see things like wearable electronics in places like athletic wear and the military,” said McClendon, explaining that it’s only later that most designers realize tech-fashion’s artistic potential. A cutting-edge innovation that may take a little longer to catch on? Clothing “grown” from bacteria. Not sure if we’re ready for a “BioCouture” top just yet.

Fashion and Technology is on display at the Museum at FIT from December 4 to May 8.

Photo: Courtesy of The Museum at FIT

Valli Girls In Space!


“It’s like an early George Lucas movie set,” Giambattista Valli said at his Moncler Gamme Rouge presentation today. True, fans of THX 1138 probably felt right at home in the Mylar-wallpapered alcove where Valli was greeting editors. But the clothes themselves—not unlike those in his signature collection, shown yesterday in the same Place Vendàme former bank—had more of a sixties feeling á la Pierre Cardin and André Courrèges’ space age chic. The surprising thing about that is how cool and spare the box quilted wool nylon capes and metallic thread nylon chubbies looked compared to last season’s more romantic silk rose-festooned puffers. The other intriguing development: the plethora of ribbed-knit layering pieces, from snoods and mittens to full-body unitards. “I love to enrich the wardrobe; it’s not just quilted jackets,” Valli said. Twenty-first-century Barbarellas, take note.

Photo: Courtesy of Moncler Gamme Rouge