August 28 2014

styledotcom Why did Band of Outsiders cancel its fashion show? Scott Sternberg spills:

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Blasblog from Paris: All Roads Lead to Montana


When we say that André has the lock on Paris nightlife, we make no exaggeration. Last night I logged in time at three of his clubs: Régine’s, Le Baron, and Le Montana. That last one is his newest edition and last night, André revealed the site’s storied history (Purple magazine’s blowout being the latest notch in its bedpost). Before it was a sixties and seventies hotspot, Le Montana served as a thirties-era communist hangout; and before transforming into its latest bejeweled iteration, it was a loud-and-proud gay club in the eighties. As André scanned the crowd—which included Olympia Scarry, Angela Lindvall, and Milla Jovovich with their adoring male best friends—he smiled. “Some things never change,” he said. “But we could use more communists.”

Illustration: Vincent Darré

eco-minded supermodel goes the green mile


Angela Lindvall’s green bona fides are not in doubt. But even the co-host of Planet Green’s show Alter-Eco occasionally finds herself daunted by the challenge of dressing sustainably. “I’m in this position where people in the media want to know what I’m wearing,” Lindvall noted, as she made the rounds of Designers and Agents Green Market in Los Angeles on Saturday. “And so I’d like to be promoting the brands that are making the change,” she added, “but there still aren’t that many of them.” Not that there wasn’t plenty to see at the D&A Green Market—in particular, Lindvall and stylist Alexandra Aarati Spadea found themselves lingering at the Mr. Larkin and EkoLab stalls as they picked out clothes for an upcoming photo shoot. “I love this,” cooed Lindvall, holding up a sequined twill blouse at Mr. Larkin. “But what does it mean on the tag, where it says ‘made from milk’?” Designer Casey Larkin explained: The twill had been woven from a fiber milled from milk proteins. (Seriously.) Further: The sequins were vintage 1930′s paillettes, and the tag inside the blouse was plantable. Lindvall was duly impressed. Next stop: shoes. En route to Olsen Haus’ display of vegan platforms, the model was sidetracked first by her friend and fellow model eco-phile Josie Maran, and then by her Alter-Eco co-host Adrian Grenier (sans entourage). “That’s the thing about the green scene,” Lindvall mused, as she sidetracked herself yet again with a visit to the organic cotton basics at leAF. “For the moment, at least, it’s still a pretty small world.”


Photo: Greg Kessler


paris fashion week: the tracksuit as imagined by carla sozzani


Raising eco-consciousness through fashion can be hard work. But former stylist Mariel Gamboa seems to be accomplishing the mission—along with a little help from her friends, whom she recruits as co-designers. Her LENY project (motto: “Design for a cause and save the planet”) has steadfastly been making an impact in Europe over the past couple of seasons. Her first effort was a collection of customized T-shirts. Then came the tote bags that were spotted everywhere from Capri to L.A. (we love Vogue Homme International‘s Olivier Lalanne’s “Happiness is not a destination it’s a voyage” version, pictured). This season the collaboration continues with a lineup of contributors including Carla Sozzani, Anastasia Barbieri, and Angela Lindvall, who’ve created tracksuits that will be produced by Buddhist Punk. Proceeds from the sales of the suits will be donated to Al Gore’s Climate Project. As we near the end of a marathon month of fashion shows, we have to say that something as comfortable as a tracksuit sounds like a pretty good idea.

Photo: Linlee Allen