August 22 2014

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Angela Lindvall’s Photo Diary From Bali


Angela Lindvall—who’s balanced modeling with a steadfast commitment to environmental issues and awareness—recently signed on as the new face of John Hardy and the collaborator for its new sustainable jewelry collection, Hijau (“green” in Balinese). “My mission,” she says by phone from her farm in upstate New York, “was to take environmentalism to a new level—not the green-and-brown crunchy [style], more fluorescent pink graffiti—to really engage people in an inviting way.” Hence Hijau’s sparkling pink and orange stones and sliced-bamboo designs, a nod to Bali’s abundant bamboo crop. (A percentage of the profits from the new line goes to Forest Ethics, a nonprofit fighting deforestation worldwide.) Lindvall recently visited Bali with John Hardy creative director and designer Guy Bedarida, to see the new production facilities and meet the Balinese artisans working on the line. Below, she reminisces about her trip with Continue Reading “Angela Lindvall’s Photo Diary From Bali” »

The Shorts Get Smaller, Tom Ford Gets Bigger, And More…


Two high-end jewelers have two high-end new campaign stars: Sienna Miller for Piaget (pictured) and Angela Lindvall for John Hardy. [WWD]

New York canvasses the market for a few favorite short-short shorts, from the affordable to the, well, Chanel (pictured). In the latter case, expect to pay about $100 per inch. [New York]

Mohammed Al Fayed has sold legendary English department store Harrods to Qatar Trust for a mere $2.2 billion. He plans to retire and spend more time with his (now even wealthier) children and grandchildren. [Racked]

Tom Ford, on the other hand, shows no signs of slowing down. In the next month, he’ll unveil two new retail stores, one in Hong Kong and one in Shanghai. [Vogue U.K.]

Dr. Kamali, we presume? The iconic designer will receive an honorary doctorate at FIT’s commencement this month. [WWD]

Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

The Quiet—No, Really—Marc Jacobs After-Party


“Friends and family only,” Marc Jacobs explained about his (mostly) employees-only after-party. (Well, employees, friends, and Patrick McMullan photogs. Some things are sacrosanct.) “I really wanted to focus on that, and on the collection, which I’m very proud of.” Just a few seasons ago, the Marc Jacobs front row was the celebrity magnet, and the eyes tended to linger longer on Uma and Lindsay and Helena than on the clothes. But the shows have gotten small—and more punctual—and this season, Jacobs banned celebrities from attending full-stop. It only makes sense that the party (in days past, the bacchanal of the week) was a quiet affair at Boom Boom: no press lines, no scandal.

The collection was a rousing success, and after working so diligently on it—I’ve heard that even Jacobs himself has been known to pull all-nighters and sleep on the floor of his Soho office when it comes to putting together the show—he and his staff looked keen to party. Marc plopped into a seat in front of one of the LCD screens; show closer Jamie Bochert held court with her fiancé, Michael Pitt; Rachel Zoe sat with Robert Duffy; and Angela Lindvall passed mini burgers with André Balazs. All in all, it was one of the chicest office parties I’ve ever seen. It was good that everyone was letting their hair down on this one night, as it would soon be back to business.”Tomorrow I start on the next one,” Jacobs smiled.

Photo: Billy Farrell /

Waxman-Markey? Thank Angela Lindvall


We pause from our daily delectation of fashion to note, briefly, that on Friday the House of Representatives narrowly passed the Waxman-Markey bill, the first piece of legislation addressing global climate change ever to make it out of a body of Congress. There’s a fight ahead in the Senate—expect much sausage-grinding politics, etc.—but as green landmarks go, this is a big one. And Angela Lindvall ought to get some credit. The supermodel mom has been on the front lines, eco-wise, feeding the sustainability message into the pop consciousness since well before An Inconvenient Truth started giving everyone nightmares. Now you can show Ange some respect by picking up her new T-shirt for Edun Live. As previously reported, Lindvall’s tree branch-printed tee launches Edun’s new range for; the merch goes on sale today at the eco-themed, and profits from Lindvall’s tee for Edun support the Wildlife Conservation Society and Green Cross. “It just so happened that when they asked me to do the T-shirt, I was standing out back, in my garden, looking at the shadows all these tree branches were casting on the concrete,” Lindvall recalls. “So I came back out, took some photos, and voilà. ‘The shadows of nature…’ ” Consider it $39 well spent, and don’t forget to write your senator.

Photo: Courtesy of Edun

Risto Bimbiloski’s Fatale Attraction


Watch out. There’s a predatory theme running through Risto Bimbiloski’s Fall 2009 collection: The Paris-based designer has seized inspiration this season from all manner of preying things—working up prints based on raptors’ beady eyes, giving his fabrics the high-gloss finish of venomous insects’ shells, and cutting dresses fit for femmes fatales. “I’m not a designer who looks to a muse,” explains Bimbiloski, who day-jobs as the head knitwear designer at Louis Vuitton menswear. Last season the Macedonia native found himself with his head—almost literally—in the stars, building his collection around the idea of a hypernova and developing prints from images taken from the Hubble telescope. That cosmic collection earned him fans such as Angela Lindvall and accounts with Barneys New York and Opening Ceremony, so perhaps it’s only right that the designer is sizing up new quarry. In September, Bimbiloski will be making his runway debut with a show at New York fashion week. Like we said: Watch out.

Photo: Courtesy of Risto Bimbiloski