August 22 2014

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Blasblog: Happy Printed Accidents At Val’s VIP After-Party


The thought of spilling something on a white dress sends shivers down the spines of most young women, so when that exact thing happened to Anne Hathaway—with a glass of red wine, unleashed by none other than Valentino—at last night’s dinner in honor of The Last Emperor, we weren’t sure what to expect. Would she burst into tears, crawl under the table, or close her eyes and hope tablemates Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Claire Danes wouldn’t notice she was there? None of the above. Instead, the Oscar nominee laughed it off. “He came out of retirement, just for me,” Hathaway joked at Giancarlo Giammetti’s Richard Prince-filled apartment in the Pierre at the after-party. “I guess he just thought this dress needed a print.”


Just When You Thought It Was Over: L.A. Fashion Week Starts Now


While this season’s runway offerings in L.A. may feel a little disjointed (it’s the first time IMG isn’t sponsoring the shows, leaving things a bit ad hoc), the West Coast style capital still has plenty on its agenda in the days to come. Trovata’s launch at Apartment Number 9 may have been the week’s kick-off party, but tonight’s Gen Art show at the Los Angeles Theatre makes up for some missing cohesion on the runway. Here are three acts we’re looking forward to. Continue Reading “Just When You Thought It Was Over: L.A. Fashion Week Starts Now” »

Let’s Do Brunch: Inaugural Edition


The Creative Coalition, the entertainment industry’s nonprofit advocacy group, hosted a day-long brunch in honor of the inaugural festivities. It was the perfect spot for the famous among us to celebrate the swearing in or warm up after having done so alfresco. A bundled-up Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, and Anne Hathaway popped in for a quick bite, while Alan Cumming beelined for the martini bar. Also spotted passing through were Sting, Trudie Styler, Adrian Grenier, Kerry Washington, and Spike Lee. Not surprisingly, a rowdy and joyful cheer went up when former President Bush boarded his helicopter ride out of town. Matthew Modine mused on what the outcome of the election means for Americans. “To quote Full Metal Jacket, ‘It’s a big s–t sandwich and we’re all gonna have to take a bite,’ ” Modine said. “But the good news is, everybody’s smiling and saying, ‘OK, I’ll eat s–t.’ ” Guerlain hosted a makeup room for touchups in between the swearing in, parade, and balls. Between holding court with a gaggle of starstruck teenage girls, Josh Lucas kept popping in to get lip gloss—for himself. (If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.) Most guests headed out in the late afternoon for some downtime before tonight’s ball circuit. On his way out Tim Daly joked, “They’re not really balls. They’re more like bar mitzvahs—a bunch of dressed-up people standing around eating finger food.”

Ted Gibson Wants To Bring Change To D.C.’s ‘Dos


When you’ve tousled the tresses of everyone from Demi Moore to Angelina Jolie, it’s hard to get starstruck. But when we talked to celebrity stylist Ted Gibson over the weekend, he was positively giddy over his next appointment: prepping Caroline Kennedy and Senator Ted Kennedy for a Vanity Fair shoot. “Is that not political royalty or what?” he said. Gibson has been boning up on his public figures to prepare for the opening of his new D.C. salon in conjunction with the tony Hela Spa. In celebration, his New York-based team has packed up its scissors and headed down to style out-of-town clients, taking a break from awards season to hit the big inaugural parties in D.C. “Doing inaugural hair is about striking the balance between conservatism and Hollywood,” Gibson explained. He describes his plan for Anne Hathaway’s look at the swearing in as “a little bit lady, somewhat serious, but still young and sexy. Think a deep side part, sideswept bangs, maybe a chignon in the back.” There’s no word on whether he’ll be able to lure the first lady to his chair (unlikely, as $950 haircuts may be deemed unseemly in tough economic times), but Gibson looks forward to being a part of this new phase in the nation’s capital. “I think women in D.C. could be challenged a bit,” Gibson says. “You won’t see a woman walking out of here with pink hair, but I think you will see women that have embraced the idea of change,” Gibson says. On message already, Gibson will fare just fine in this town.

Photo: Theo Wargo/Wireimage

Blasblog: In Defense Of The Rom-Com


I’m tired of defending myself. I’m just going to say it: I like a romantic comedy just as much as I like an independent, tear-jerking, complex drama. Last night’s premiere of Bride Wars was just the injection of bubbly sweetness—or “candy canes and bunny rabbits and tampons and pink and smiles and sundresses,” as Kristen Johnson described the genre— that I needed. The film, which stars Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, focuses on two best friends who become scheming archenemies when their weddings get booked on the same day at the Plaza Hotel. At a time of year where I feel like I’m getting slammed by the box office with serious humanity— Brad Pitt getting young while his girlie gets old; Clint Eastwood getting grumpy and then heroic; Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio doing something depressing in the fifties; Meryl Streep accusing Philip Seymour Hoffman of a crime that dare not speak its name; Mickey Rourke being scary and severe in spandex leggings—sometimes you just want to sit in a theater and watch pretty girls do stupid things. And that’s exactly what happens in this feature. Not that one of the producers, who just happens to be the star of the movie, isn’t concerned that I’m alone in my romantic comedy desire. “I’ve never been more nervous about an opening,” said Kate Hudson at a little after-after-party at the Rose Bar. “But that’s because I’ve never been more involved in a film. Five years of my life were spent on this bad boy. It wasn’t like they just gave me that producer credit. I earned it.” In my totally unwarranted cinematic opinion, I think she’ll be all right. That dog movie with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson has already been out for weeks, which is the only competition in the sweet family movie category. Hudson’s famously plucky attitude came in handy for bathroom breaks, which required the help of two friends and lots of zipper-hunting. But she picked her statuesque Oscar de la Renta gown because it reminded her of the Chrysler Building—and goddamn it, she was going to dress up in it even if everyone else was in jeans. Along with a strong rom-com upper, that’s the dose of optimism everyone in the fashion industry needs.

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage