August 31 2014

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Blasblog from Rio: Come Rain Or Shine, The Bikini Will Go On


“Does Rio give refunds?” asked one peeved local fashion editor here in Rio this afternoon when the low-lying clouds turned into a downpour at a brunch Carlos Miele threw before his show. “I came here for fun in the sun! Not pain in the rain.” Suffice it to say, the droplets did put a damper on the linen-clad, seersucker-ed and jersey-ed crowd that had gathered for the show. Suddenly all the seats under the tents [seen here] were doubling up, with The New York Times‘ Armand Limnander and Vogue‘s Hamish Bowles huddled like schoolchildren. Only’s own Tim Blanks faced the rain, proudly standing in his white shirt, which slowly turned sheer. But, like the teeny-tiny swimsuits I can see on the beach from my hotel, the bad weather in this fine land also stays on the brief side. By the time Isabeli Fontana stomped out in her debut two-piece and jacket, the clouds lifted and the sun was back, allowing a full view of the picturesque Copacabana Fort. (As a venue, it blew the ol’ Bryant Park tents out of the water.) “Now this is more like it,” that grumpy editor sighed. “The sun makes everything better. And so do these caiprinhas.”