August 23 2014

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How They Navigated Art Basel


Though there is something to be said for haphazardly finding oneself in the right place at the right time at Art Basel Miami Beach, as evidenced by the past few days, there’s an ever increasing and overwhelming number of things to see, eat, and buy. To get the most out of one’s arty South Beach experience, there’s MAP ForYourArt, a 69-page pocket-size guide to Art Basel Miami Beach, which has been spotted in the hands of everyone from Todd Eberle and Hans Ulrich Obrist to Cecilia Dean as well as a major contingent of the art community. “It’s meant to cut through the clutter,” explains ForYourArt founder Bettina Korek. “We initially launched a Los Angeles version of MAP earlier this year simply because we wanted to create a tool that gives context to the chaos, enabling first-time visitors to feel like seasoned fair veterans.” The result, which is also available as a downloadable PDF at, achieves just that and more as a concise guide to art, food, fashion, and architecture. And with its helpful tips from a cross section of people like artist Liam Gillick, real estate developer Craig Robins, and P. Diddy, there is no excuse for not being in the know. Consider it your passport to the art world.

Blasblog From Miami: Marc And More Rally Against The R-Word


I’m just as guilty as anyone else on this point—it’s all I can think about, to be honest—but last night I joined several people in a conversational movement against talk of the R-word. It’s reached a point where the recession, the end of the art market, the burst of every bubble that ever formed, and the end of the world as we know it are the only topics of conversation here in Miami. And quite frankly, it’s depressing. “If another person asks me how my art is selling, with that little poor-baby look, I’m going to kick them in the face” was how one artist described his reaction to the ubiquitous inquiry. (Some questions you might also have: Was anyone crying at the fair? Were all the booths filled? Is there a palpable fear that nothing is moving? Answers: no, yes, kinda.) I can officially report that the recession has replaced Obamarama as the go-to topic of conversation. There is one loophole, much like with the weather and our President-Elect: It’s OK to use recession chatter as an icebreaker. So, if you’re going to even broach the topic to a contemporary art dealer, make like Barry Diller and be optimistic about it, or don’t mention it at all. Or else, expect a response like the one I got from Marc Jacobs, there with Rachel Zoe and a gaggle of dapper gents, last night at the Visionaire party. “Recession? Bleh!” he answered pithily, before spinning on his gladiator sandal, flipping his Scottish skort and marching off.

Photo: Billy Farrell/Patrick McMullan

Basel Style: Black, White, And Plaid All-Over


As our Blasblogger so astutely pointed out yesterday, the distance between Miami Beach and Bryant Park has grown nearly imperceptible. So we’ve asked Linlee Allen to document the sunny, sandy, arty style scene. Here’s the first installment of what she found.

1. Name: Yvonne Quirmbach
Occupation: Gallerist
Wearing: Ann Demeulemeester pants, Martin Margiela shirt, vintage bag, Lanvin ballet flats
Attending Art Basel Miami Beach for: BQ gallery stand at the Convention Center

2. Name: Cecilia Dean
Occupation: Editor and co-founder, Visionaire
Wearing: Diane von Furstenberg dress, Chanel bag, Flex sunglasses
Attending Art Basel Miami Beach for: The Visionaire No. 55 “Surprise” launch party

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Blasblog From Miami: What’s The Difference Between Art Basel And Fashion Week?


So, in the world of one-of-a-kind female performers, last night could have been great. It should have been great. Deitch Projects had invited Beth Ditto from the Gossip to shimmy her business in the Oasis of the Raleigh and Grace Jones was making a one-night-only appearance at the Mondrian hotel. Unfortunately, however, I missed them both because of prior commitments that ran late. It reminded me of the time I found a fashion editor bawling outside a Catherine Malandrino show when she missed Mary J. Blige’s surprise performance because some appointment for a keychain line went long. (I didn’t cry, but I did think about it.) This of course begs the question: What is the difference between fashion week and Art Basel Miami? The answer: about three days. To be honest, when it comes to the late-night happenings here during this “art” fair, there’s not much difference. (And I’m not saying this in a good way.) Store parties, book signings, fashion dinners, and more designers than you can shake a stick at. Heck, even Naomi Campbell is in town, methodically working the party circuit like a show schedule. She swooped into the Puma dinner last night for a grand total of ten minutes. And like Beatrice Inn, the West Village hangout that turned into the late-night catchall last fashion week, the Raleigh hotel is fast becoming the after-after-party hot spot. At least that’s where I went when I missed Jones and Ditto last night, to sulk among three Schnabels (patriarch Julian, daughter Lola, and son Vito), Benicio Del Toro, and more hipsters than you can throw a sand castle at.

Photo: Nick Hunt /