August 29 2014

styledotcom .@yourboyhood's five shots from the dogs days of summer in Seoul:

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Blasblog: Downtown Divas, Delusional and Otherwise


“This is low-budget art life support,” teased Yvonne Force Villareal on Friday night, standing in a small gallery space on the lower half of Wooster Street—the new venue for her and partner Doreen Remen’s Art Production Fund called APF Lab. “Look, there’s not even a handle on the front door,” she pointed out. True, there might have been some jerry-rigging when it came to the entrance, but this part of town should be used to creativity on a shoestring—or at least have a faint memory of when artists were struggling in Soho. Force Villareal was working Wooster Street for the debut APF’s newest collaboration called Delusional Downtown Divas. The five-part video piece features three self-described art brats—young people with high-powered art-world parents—who grow up and realize that they’re going to have to find a way to stay relevant in this creative community. And so we’re treated to footage (a still is pictured here) of Isabel Halley, Joana d’Avillez, and Lena Dunham posing really hard at gallery parties, dancing really hard at Beatrice Inn, and trying really hard to get in with hot young artists like Nate Lowman. (In the episode I saw, two of the girls break into a gallery, get Nate’s number, and attempt to seduce him under the guise that they’re seeking art for an upcoming fair.) “The story is basically about three young girls who, because they grew up in the world they did, never had to try hard to impress people,” explained Force Villareal. “They grew up in the art world, which will take anyone. Now they have to figure it out for themselves.” Of course, Force Villareal is an expert at doing just that. Her new budget-sensitive gallery APF Lab is a donated space that she is happily filling with events for the next five years. (This particular installation, which is set up to look like one brat’s Tribeca lair, is up through this week.) “If you have any good ideas, we’ll take them here,” Force Villareal was overheard telling a fellow art world-er. “I will literally give you the keys.” Presumably by then there will be a door knob.