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Hope For Lacroix, JC In NYC, And More…


There could—maybe, possibly, fingers crossed—be hope for Christian Lacroix. Bernard Krief Consultants may be bidding on the couture house. Like we said, fingers crossed. [WWD]

JCPenney comes to the Manhattan Mall. Prices are low, customer service is award-winning, and goods will be replenished around the clock. Take that, recession! But, are you willing to shop in Herald Square? [WWD]

And yet…most stores are going empty. Turns out JCPenney’s big opening is an anomaly: From “chain outlets to family-run shops,” businesses “have started to disappear.” Sigh. [NYT]

Chris Benz, Alexander Wang, and the Olsen twins join the CFDA. Yes, The Row is really that good. [WWD]

Photo: Zach Hyman / Patrick McMullan

The Olsens’ Anti-Fashion Statement


The more Olsen-obsessed members of our staff have noticed a curious phenomenon of late. Are Mary-Kate and Ashley willfully eschewing their fashion icon status? Gone are the teetering Givenchy stilettos, Rick Owens leathers, and endless parade of It bags. In their place: plain-Jane jackets, bootcut jeans, and—most surprisingly—sensible flat shoes. To be fair, the pair still play by the rules at big red-carpet events (Mary-Kate was recently spotted in Balmain), but their once-inspiring off-duty style is no longer. “I dress for myself…I don’t give a second thought to what other people might say,” Mary-Kate has said. We’re all for that, but we can’t quite believe that these girls, who tightly control their public image and are the faces of two successful clothing lines, could be giving up on fashion so easily. Is it possible we’re witnessing the next big trend in the making? Is anti-fashion the next fashion statement?

Photos: TM Olsen/Splash News, Jim Spellman/WireImage

Blasblog: The A-Crowd Comes Out For Nate Lowman


With so many art-loving financiers losing their pants in the current economy, the art world might be in for some tough times. But Nate Lowman isn’t going down without a smile. Or, more specifically, without a smiley face. That familiar little yellow circle with two dots and a curve was the ruling icon at his Saturday night opening party at the Maccarone gallery. A festive crowd of fashion and art world aficionados—and even two tween rappers called Little Wiki and Powered By Googs—came out to show Lowman support (Wiki and Googsdid so by free-styling by the front door). Despite the buzz, Lowman admitted to feeling not quite up to smiley-face standards. “I’m too tired,” he said, acknowledging he hadn’t slept much in the weeks leading up to the show. “Though I did manage to work in a shower before, which was nice.” Explaining the smiley faces, Lowman said he thought now was a good time to showcase something reminiscent of happier times—childhood doodles and the feel-good seventies. Lowman’s girlfriend, Mary-Kate Olsen—there with her sister, Ashley—was working a few oldies but goodies of her own: A vintage Prada brown leather jacket with fringe and a very late-nineties messy half ponytail. Further in the back of the gallery, where the likes of Camilla Nickerson and Jen Brill had congregated with the artist’s father, Lowman showed some of his more traditional pieces, including grainy images of an old headstone. (My favorites, however, were a picture of three dirty bottoms and a traditional landscape turned on its side, which suggested something naughtier.) Hopefully Lowman enjoyed his night out—it looked that way later at the Beatrice Inn— because on Sunday day he was starting his next project, a large installation that will debut at the Venice Biennale.



Photo: Courtesy of Nate Lowman


Fashion Darwinism: Labels Flip To Survival Mode


How do budding labels like Vena Cava, Buckler, and Duckie Brown stay afloat when business isn’t so booming? Share space, focus on basics, recycle materials, and call McDonald’s. [NYT]

And the fashion calendar sees its own cutbacks as Milan slims its schedule down by a day, or one less gelato. Sigh. [WWD]

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen add menswear to The Row, but, warns Ashley, “It’s going to take a relatively educated man to understand the collection.” Gentlemen, gauntlet thrown. [WWD]

CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winner Alexander Wang rises above the season’s doom and gloom with abstract earrings, a guy named Paris, and a lot of vodka. [WWD]

Gwyneth Paltrow continues to get absolutely, 100 percent, without a doubt, no love. [NYP]

Photo: Billy Farrell / Patrick McMullan

Celebrating Art, Commerce, Oh And History, At Gavin Brown


“If anyone is going to do a show during the election it’s Jonathan Horowitz,” said Gavin Brown at the art fête-cum-election party last night at his Enterprise gallery, which featured the artist’s latest, titled Obama 08, along with vases of red, white, and blue roses, hundreds of balloons poised for a ceiling drop, and bowls of chili made with the official Obama family recipe. Guests like Cecily Brown, Nate Lowman and girlfriend Mary-Kate Olsen, Gabi Asfour, and Cynthia Rowley came to check out Horowitz’s work while keeping an eye on two flat-screens set back-to-back. (One was playing Fox News and facing a group of red chairs—where Jessica Joffe was sitting, incidentally—and the other was tuned to CNN and in front of the blue seats. Around the entire room were photographs of each president, with Barack Obama’s picture on the floor, ready to hang up at the end of the evening. “You really want to be around a lot of friends because it’s such a historic night,” said Rowley, who brought her daughters to the party and to the polls earlier in the day along with next-door-neighbor Sarah Jessica Parker and her family. “We had both read that funny piece by David Sedaris in The New Yorker about how he went with his mom to vote, so it sort of inspired me. And I can’t even put it into words how important it is that Obama win.” Brown said his urgency was more business-minded. “If he doesn’t win I can’t really sell any of this junk,” he joked.