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Post-Paris, New York’s Party Circuit Is Back on Track


Kate Foley, Serafina SamaJust when you thought that the peak season for air kisses and fashion chitchat had passed, wham!—along comes one of those New York City weeks that’s chockablock with events. Time to get your nice clothes back from the cleaner, where they’ve been sitting since your return from Paris, and refresh ye olde manicure.

Monday-night festivities included a dinner on the terrace of the Gramercy Park Hotel celebrating Charlotte Ronson’s collaboration with Vogue Eyewear, hosted by Eva Mendes.

Tuesday night found London-based Isa Arfen designer Serafina Sama throwing her first-ever Stateside bash at hot spot Omar’s. She drew quite a photogenic crowd, including her stylist, Valentine Fillol-Cordier, who flew in for the occasion; model/activist Kyleigh Kuhn; and host Kate Foley. Later that evening, action moved to the Fat Radish, where Antwerp-based designer (and Woolmark Prize-winner) Christian Wijnants presided over a family-style meal of celery pot pie and monkfish curry. (Just the hearty thing for the start of a cold snap.)

Family-style was the name of the game again on Wednesday night, which saw Assembly New York serving up farro and roast chicken at the fantastic new restaurant Dimes, on Division Street. Assembly ringleader Greg Armas and dinner hosts Ana Kras and Devendra Banhart mixed it up with the crowd. Meanwhile, down the road on Canal Street, Sea designers Monica Paolini and Sean Monahan were hosting at home and had cooked dinner themselves. The potatoes were particularly delicious: onion, rosemary, and lots and lots butter did the trick, according to Paolini. Worth getting the clothes back from the cleaner for.

Photo: Courtesy of Isa Arfen

Assembly New York: In L.A.


Assembly New York's Collaboration with Perfect 69

Before establishing his Lower East Side store and CFDA short-listed line, Assembly, as a bastion of downtown cool, designer Greg Armas was an L.A. boy. “This was my first client base, my first audience, the first place I started the conversation with art and commerce and fashion,” explained Armas. “But since opening Assembly five years ago, I haven’t had much presence here.”

That’s about to change. Tomorrow, Armas returns to his creative origins with the opening of a three-week-long pop-up shop co-curated by denim-heavy label Perfect 69. The store, which is housed in Hollywood’s Space 15 Twenty, will feature a host of one-of-a-kind collaborations, all made specifically for the project. “We have denim crumple dresses with eyes from Rowena Sartin, solid-gold jewelry made with 69 from Kathleen Whitaker, beautiful leather bags by Building Block, and lifestyle items—like some amazing bicycles that I brought in from Tokyo called TokyoBike—that take the space beyond clothing,” said Armas.

The designers, artisans, and other collaborators, like local furniture designers Waka Waka, are all expressly under the radar. “The intention was to really bring some of the quiet ones out,” quipped Armas. “We wanted to show people who may not be making everyday sort of clothes, and L.A. is a great environment for that.” Continue Reading “Assembly New York: In L.A.” »

Women’s Assembly, Now In Session


For several seasons now, girls have been ducking into Assembly New York, Greg Armas’ shop on the Lower East Side, and walking out with pieces from the Assembly menswear collection. Last night, Armas repaid his female fans for their devotion, debuting Assembly New York womenswear to a packed house at the Ludlow Street shop. “I always planned to do women’s, but it was important to me that I establish the Assembly aesthetic with menswear first,” Armas explained at the event. The new womenswear is androgynous and tailored to be slouchy, like the men’s stuff, with nubby knits, floor-length dusters, and raw-finished minimalist blousing executed in a fugue of neutrals. And, as Armas pointed out, there was no shortage of trousers either. “We’ve got three different styles out there,” he said, indicating the catwalk set up for the evening. “It seemed like trousers were the most interesting way of investigating masculinity for women.”

Photo: Margo Ducharme

The 12 Days Of Christmas: Day 3


The holiday season is upon us. We’ve already quizzed some of our favorite fashion personalities—from Bruno Frisoni to Miranda Kerr—on what they’d get for one another, and now we’re turning the focus to our own office. Check in every day to see what’s editors and contributors are going to gift (and hoping to get) for the holidays. Next up: Maya Singer.

I am a murderer of houseplants. Pretty much every green thing that’s come into my apartment alive has met a sad fate, shriveled up on the windowsill, and all but cried to be put out of its misery and dropped at the compost heap. But I swear—on a stack of Olympia Le-Tan embroidered minaudière Bibles!—that the cactus I plant in this Assembly New York terrarium will get its full due of my loving attention. Luckily, being a cactus and all, there’s probably not that much loving attention required.

Assembly New York terrarium, $340, available at

Photo: Assembly New York

Music From The XX, Clothes For The XYs, And More…


Fashion favorites the XX (pictured) hit the cover of April’s Dazed & Confused this month. In the accompanying video, styled by Dazed‘s Robbie Spencer, they turn slowly and blurrily to tunes from their debut album. In fairness, there’s really no other way to move to that music. [Dazed]

The Times declares Assembly to be one of the best-stocked men’s stores in New York. In hearty agreement: Robert Geller, who has curated his own mini “Key Shop” at the boutique, where his own clothes, Joseph Beuys art books, and copies of Me magazine are currently sharing the space. [NYT]

Yet another nude photo of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is going on the auction block in London tomorrow. Ho hum. Wake us up when a clothed photo of the French first lady goes on sale. [Page Six]

And Alberta Ferretti is soon bringing her namesake and Philosophy lines online for e-commerce. Philosophically, we’re in favor. [Racked]

Photo: Rex USA