August 20 2014

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Rethinking Fabric With Bradley Quinn


A look from Stretchable CircuitsThree central themes form the crux of Bradley Quinn’s new book Textile Visionaries: technology, sustainability, and innovation. The tome chronicles the work of thirty-six designers from disparate places around the world, each of whom shares a common interest in pushing the boundaries of textile design—and, subsequently, fashion and interiors—forward.

“For fashion to survive in the future, it has got to marry itself to other cultural forms,” Quinn told One example is techno-fashion, which he calls a “dream collaboration” that speeds up the way technology can be applied, packaged, or sold. It’s a subject Quinn has been researching since the nineties, a time when designers like Hussein Chalayan would go to tech fairs to see what scientific devices he could make wearable.

“Since then, a dialogue has formed in which people who are designing the techy stuff now have objectives to make technology wearable, so their products will become seamlessly integrated into our lives,” Quinn explains. Below, the author highlights the top five textile visionaries of today, all of which he cites in Textile Visionaries, set to hit shelves on August 27. Continue Reading “Rethinking Fabric With Bradley Quinn” »