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Kanye “Cannes” Do Film, Too, And More Of The Day’s Top Stories


Kanye’s at Cannes (Kim Kardashian in tow, naturally), and he’s not going to let the film set steal the limelight. Therapper-slash-designer is debuting his own movie (which he wrote, produced, and directed), entitled Cruel Summer, tonight at Le Palm Beach Casino. The film, described as “unlike anything West has ever attempted before,” stars comedian Aziz Ansari and Lebanese actress Razane Jammal. [Page Six]

Is there another baby Bündchen on the way? Rumors are circulating that the Brazilian beauty and her husband, Tom Brady, are expecting their second child, after various news outlets have reported that the supermodel told Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci, who dressed Bündchen for the Met gala, that she was two months along so he could adjust the dress accordingly. If you ask us, there doesn’t seem to be any bump in sight, but then again, she’s Gisele. Stranger things have happened. [Telegraph]

The partnership between Marc Jacobs and Yayoi Kusama first started when the Japanese artist painted her defining dot motif on the Louis Vuitton Ellipse bag in 2006, and now, six years later, Kusama’s dots are going to be on LV goods worldwide. The duo is set to launch a line of clothes and accessories on July 10, just two days before a Kusama retrospective opens at the Whitney Museum in New York. [WWD]

At last, a first look at the trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby,starring Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio. Look out for flapper dresses and vintage clothing (many of the dresses are from Ashley Olsen’s personal collection) as well as music by Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Jack White. Oh yeah, and the chemistry between Mulligan and DiCaprio. [Grazia Daily]

Georgia May Jagger, a material girl? Madonna and her daughter Lourdes say yes. Taking over for Kelly Osbourne, the 20-year-old gapped-tooth model has been tapped as the new face of Madonna’s Material Girl fashion line, making her debut in the upcoming back-to-school campaign. [WWD]




Photo: Alfonso Catalano


Everyone Is Hanging Out With Mindy Kaling


Despite her own published concern—her new essay collection, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, is out now—these days, everyone’s dying to hang out with Mindy Kaling. The writer/producer/actress/former shopping blogger has been on a promotion tour of late, first fêting her book with a Tory Burch-hosted party in New York and, last night, one helmed by Glamour‘s Cindi Leive in L.A. “She’s like the super-cool, very funny, still very relatable friend you wish you had,” Leive gushed. (She’d excerpted a chapter on boys and men in her magazine’s November issue.) And judging by last night’s guest list, Kaling isn’t short on friends. At The Spare Room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, her Office co-stars Ellie Kemper and B.J. Novak came out to support the first-time author, as did Aaron Sorkin, Nicole Richie, and Anna Faris.

“I’m totally insufferable now,” Kaling joked, surveying the Hollywood-heavy crowd, which also included Jon Hamm and girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt, Jimmy Kimmel, and Busy Philipps. “Being an author, that’s the one you can be the most pretentious about—now people actually think I’m a person of consequence.” And the attention wasn’t lost on Aziz Ansari, of NBC’s Parks and Recreation. “I’m huge supporter of Indian actors on NBC sitcoms getting incredibly lucrative book deals,” he said. “So really, any attention brought to Indian actors on NBC sitcoms is well deserved.”

Photo: Jeff Vespa / WireImage

How The Band Cookie Crumbles


Can Scott Sternberg ever be normal? Answer: No. Trust the Band of Outsiders designer to eschew the hip, hard-to-get-into spots when he throws a party to celebrate his first runway show on Saturday night, and instead decamp to Zaitzeff Burgers, a homey, perpetually under-attended joint in the East Village. Kirsten Dunst (above, with Sternberg), Aziz Ansari, Humberto Leon, Carol Lim, David Chang, and Dick Page joined Sternberg and his team for burgers and fries, not to mention beers and Dewar’s, and talk turned (as it must, when Sternberg is around) to cookies. Exhibit B, in the ongoing non-normalness of Scott Sternberg: The lemony cookies on the seats at the Band of Outsiders show. They were called Lemon Tree Huggers, which must be shorthand for the Best Cookie Ever. Sternberg recruited Momofuku Milk Bar pastry chef Christina Tosi, who previously contributed a Thai spiced cookie to his Fashion’s Night Out concession stand one September not long ago, to whip up an exclusive confection. “You will never eat that cookie again,” said Sternberg, sounding rather Heraclitus-like. “It existed only for the show.” Sternberg went on to note that Tosi’s cookie was subject to the same exacting scrutiny as the clothes in the new Band, Boy and Girl collections. “There was a lot of debate over the size of the cookie,” he recalled. “I thought they should be normal size. Some people thought a normal-size cookie at a fashion might be a little, you know, gauche. We finally agreed on a 3/4 scale.” Speaking on behalf of the BOO show attendees: Had we known we’d never taste that cookie again, the additional 1/4 would have been welcome.

Photo: Courtesy of Band of Outsiders

Boy Meets Girl


The news at Band of Outsiders of late has been the birth of Girl—that is, Scott Sternberg’s new, lower-priced line of womenswear, the counterpart to his designer women’s collection, Boy. (Still following? The men’s is simply called Band of Outsiders, for the record.) “It has more of an antiqued, heirloom quality to it than Boy does,” Sternberg explained at a Dewar’s-fueled dinner last night at his new studio in Hollywood. “There was just this whole other part of womenswear that Boy wasn’t hitting and I wanted Boy just to be what it is, which is a really focused concept line. People didn’t think Girl was going to be pretty, but it works well, because there’s nothing in Boy that’s in Girl and vice versa.”

Sternberg is the outfitter of choice for young Hollywood these days, and there were plenty of boys and girls on hand to toast the new space and the new line. Band of Outsiders has made special inroads among the young, cool, indie guy—the funny sideman lurking in your favorite TV show or movie—and they all turned out to cheer. Parks and Recreation‘s Aziz Ansari (who performs his standup act in a Band of Outsiders tux), Community‘s Donald Glover (a past BOO campaign star), Andrew Garfield (your next Spider-Man, ladies and gentlemen), Glee‘s Kevin McHale, and Dave Franco (James’ little bro) were all on hand. On the girl side were Marisa Tomei, Erin Wasson, Samantha Traina, and Sternberg’s longtime collaborator, stylist Tina Chai. Tomei did her time in front of the lens in Boy for the label’s Fall ’09 campaign, but according to Sternberg, he’s looking for something a little different for next time around. “I’m trying to find a bob, a really good bob,” he said. “We’ll see if I succeed.”

From top: Andrew Garfield and Aziz Ansari; Dave Franco and Scott Sternberg; atmosphere at Band of Outsiders’ L.A. dinner.

Photos: Courtesy of Band of Outsiders

Spike Jonze’s New Cast


Just so we’re clear: Opening Ceremony’s L.A. outpost threw a party this weekend…for its parking lot. “It’s important to acknowledge these things,” said filmmaker and OC fan Spike Jonze. “If a friend of yours gets a parking lot, that’s pretty cool.”

There you have it. (Expect copycat parking lot parties to start springing up any second now.) For a little clarification, we turned to Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon, who explained that where New York stores practice window dressing, Los Angeles turns to pavement. “In L.A., I feel like store windows are kind of unnecessary, so we wanted to take the store window idea and make it into a more elaborate thing,” Leon said. Mission accomplished: He and partner Carol Lim commissioned Jonze to create three air dancers (above)—yep, the blow-up nylon creatures typically found at car dealerships—poised outside the entrance to OC’s accessories shop. “We got a new sign, and we’ve kind of been nerdily obsessed with making these for a while,” Leon went on.”Spike designed them and then I got them manufactured and we decided to do a big BBQ to celebrate.” Leon’s mom, a professional caterer, supplied tacos and churros, and Peaches Geldof, Aziz Ansari, Chloë Sevigny, Rashida Jones, and Mischa Barton all turned out to have a look. (For more pictures, click below.) Call it a California thing. “Growing up in L.A., being from here, you drive around a lot and you always see them. And they’re so cool. Who doesn’t love an air dancer?” Lim chimed in. (She and Leon both grew up in Southern California.) But if you love them, go now; the trio of Gumby-esque dancers isn’t permanent. Jonze’s contribution is the first installation of an ongoing artist collaboration series slated for Opening Ceremony’s West Coast outpost. Of the next partnership, set to hit the store in two months, Leon would say only that “it’s another fine artist and someone who works in painting and drawing.” Continue Reading “Spike Jonze’s New Cast” »