August 21 2014

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Greta Gerwig Goes Goggle Eyed


It’s not easy to look good in paintball goggles, but somehow, Greta Gerwig pulls it off. The actress—who features in the upcoming film Frances Ha, out this May—slipped into Band of Outsiders’ Spring 2013 collection to star in the brand’s new Polaroid campaign. The best part of the quirky ads—which debut here and will be rolled out daily on Band’s tumblr—is the fact that creative director Scott Sternberg shot them on location at a California paintball park. We’re happy to see that Gerwig is putting safety first. Continue Reading “Greta Gerwig Goes Goggle Eyed” »

Band Of Outsiders Heads, Well, Outside


My first impression of Scott Sternberg’s band of boys and girls was the outdoorsy folks you’d see in an ad in National Geographic way back when. They’d be climbing out of their woodie at a Grand Canyon lookout. “Hopeful and sweet,” agreed Sternberg, “but a little off. They’re listening to Dark Side of the Moon, after all.” (That was the soundtrack for his presentation.) Anyway, it wasn’t Nat Geo Sternberg himself had in mind for his boys. He was thinking of Woody Allen, and Manhattan in the snow, and REI and North Face, and when he mixed it all together he got himself a collection with more emphasis on outerwear than usual: quilted vests, parkas, duffels, a substantial shearling. His signature Sperrys also came lined with shearling. There was plenty of Sternberg’s other signature—twisted preppy vintage—and, now I think of it, that Nat Geo impression wasn’t so far off the mark. Those smiling faces hid who-knows-how-dark hearts, and there’s a little bit of David Lynch in Scott Sternberg.

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Photo: Andrew Thomas