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Barneys Battles Dreaded R-Word With Peace, Love, Understanding


Step aside, Anderson Cooper. Simon Doonan’s unlikely muse for this month’s holiday windows at Barneys is none other than the original silver fox of broadcast news, Tom Brokaw. “I wanted someone with a little bit of gravitas to cut the ribbon,” Doonan says of the anchorman, who will do the honors at this Sunday’s window unveiling. Brokaw’s latest book, Boom! Talking About the Sixties was one of several zeitgeist indicators that Doonan honed in on when coming up with this year’s “Hippie Holiday” theme. (Original counterculture girl Joan Baez was first in line for ribbon duties, but no need to mention that to Tom.) “We picked the cheery, upbeat elements of the sixties,” Doonan assured. “No overdoses, no assassinations.” Yes, a syringe would look out of place on Madison Avenue, whose newest semi-permanent resident is a Barneys-commissioned carbo- neutral VW Beetle kitted out by artist John Paul Philippe. We got a sneak peek at the windows (and a ride in the new VW CC—so roomy!) this morning, which seemed to be coming along quite groovily. Expect lots of denim, macramé, and something made entirely out of afro wigs. There won’t, however, be any modern-day counterculture girls. Doonan just couldn’t think of any. “It’s hard to imagine Janis Joplin getting a record deal now,” he sighed. “Someone would want to make her over, give her a spray tan. Things weren’t so ersatz back then.”

Photo: Photo: Courtesy of Barney’s

what price peace?


The Swedish denim label Cheap Monday has put a new spin on that old question by sewing “Increase the Peace” patches onto its beloved skinny jeans. Available in two colors, very stretch black and very stretch one wash (blue), they’ll be sold exclusively at Barneys New York stores beginning on Election Day, November 4. No, buying a pair won’t help the situation in Iraq or Afghanistan, but at $65, they just might ease the situation in your wallet.

retail therapy


The current climate is testing the resolve of even the most dedicated shopper (Sarah Palin excepted, of course). Credit then to the following designers and retailers for coming up with enterprising ways to lure us back. Click for ten great deals, steals, and shopping experiences with one-of-a-kind appeal.

a bunch of real knockouts at barneys


If you found yourself on the fourth floor of Barneys last night and the people surrounding you looked a little less fashion-y than usual, you can thank Reed Krakoff. Coach hosted a party amid the Armani shearlings and Burberry sweaters to celebrate the launch of Krakoff’s new book, Fighter: The Fighters of the UFC, some of whom were present and hulking over the crowd. “I’m completely addicted. This really is an incredible sport, and these guys are true athletes,” gushed avowed UFC fan Mandy Moore, who was recently inspired to learn jujitsu. “It’s not just about boxing. It might not seem like it, but this is really a thinking man’s sport.” And why did this group of extreme athletes decide to do a book with a Prada-wearing fashion executive? “F the traditionalists, all they care about is college football,” replied UFC president Dana White. “But Reed? He really respects what we do.”

Photo: IDonald Bowers/Getty Images for Coach

Blasblog: barneys on the (environmentally responsible) go-go


If you thought you spotted Barneys creative director Simon Doonan spinning around town in the back of a Volkswagen bug this week, occasionally in the company of Barneys babes Dawn Brown and Julie Gilhart, you weren’t experiencing a fashion-induced hallucination—it really is happening. And while he might be old enough to have had an original Beetle (only kidding, Simon!), this one is worth more than nostalgia: When the perfectly metropolitan automobile is raffled off later this year—tickets are going for a cool $100—proceeds will go to benefit the Volkswagen Carbon Neutral Project, which is making great strides to help reduce the auto industry’s effects on the environment. “No, it’s not made of tofu,” Doonan told us. “But it’s a terrific program and a terrific cause.” Good for the environment, perhaps, but sandwiching the Barneys team into the car has not been entirely trouble-free. “First, Julie had a bronchial infection,” Doonan continued. “And now the driver has one. Well, we’re not taking any chances—now we drive with the windows down, which Dawn hates ’cause it messes her hair.”

Photo: Courtesy of Barneys New York